You are amazing Apostolia. The Retreat you created was perfect and wonderful and I am deeply grateful for this experience!

 The  Rise Blissfully Silent Happiness Retreat 2019 was wonderful and it absolutely measured my expectations.  The breathing in the roof top was amazing and so peaceful. I will never forget it. All rituals were so sacred and wonderful.  The water healing session was very powerful.
Sarah, Spain
October 2019

A well-organised,A well-organised, nurturing and very enjoyable retreat in a beautiful location

In yoga practice I  liked exploring what my body could manage to do and am grateful for the information Apostolia  shared with us about how the body and fascia works. I think the tennis ball massages were very effective! The Sunrise Meditation on the Rocks was an awesome experience that I will always cherish! The Fire Ceremony  was another retreat highlight! I had a very profound experience with the fire ritual and loved dancing on the beach by moonlight.
Monique, UK, Blue Bliss 2019

Fire ceremony on the beach with the Full Moon...Oh, this was a very powerful ceremony that I will never forget.

With this ceremony, I realized how much I love and need “ceremonies” in my life, certain practices, that are done together and follow a certain pattern or ritual. I am so happy and grateful that you, Apostolia, knows how to embed practices like this into our Blue Bliss Retreat. It was deliberating.
Nora, Switzerland, Blue BLiss 2019

There are no words to express how much I enjoyed it , to be a member of this special Dream retreat !

Meditating in the Ancient Greek Temples was breathtaking overtime! The wise silence touched me deeply! I didn't want to leave, to say goodbye to my new kindred spirits ! But one week was nearly enough for me because the experience was so overwhelming!
Riet, Belgium, Silent Minds Dreaming Souls 2018

I never would have dare to dream that a retreat could reveal such rich and important experiences to me!

I love every moment of it. It felt like the beginning of a new journey. I never would have dare to dream that a retreat could reveal such rich and important experiences to me! The divine is existing through vibrancy, love and creativity. It is not shaped by the difference of life and death.
Nora, Switzerland

For me this retreat had everything in harmony!

I am grateful because in this retreat, i I developed my adventurous mind to cross and jump on rocks, to discover caves, to practise yoga on the sunrise, to feel one with nature and the other beautiful people! The boat trip in Kato Koufonisi was suburb and extremely beautiful! When we practiced Water Spirit Contact Dance, i was totally relaxed as a baby, feeling tenderness and unity.
Anna K., Greece

A deep experience that brought revelations and light!

The Happiness Retreat with Apostolia was a deep experience that brought revelations and light! This week on Koufonisi gave me energy and positive vibes! The journey was inner and deep and also one to the outside world and an experience of nature that made the spirit and the body blow and glow.

Apostolia is a facilitator, in the literal sense of the word and made this whole experience priceless… because of the people there and the bonding. And the new approach to yoga, to dance, to looking inside and around.


Can’t wait for a next opportunity!

Participating in a Happiness Retreat with Apostolia Papadamaki is a life altering experience beyond any description and beyond any imagination. Her multiple talents, together with her beautiful and calming personality and her unique skills make a miraculous combination reflected in all practices and experiences throughout the retreat. Apostolia is like a beam of light that gently embraces you, penetrates you, "shakes you" and changes your life.