Simply amazing! I took the practice with me home. I get up twice a week to do the sunrise meditation.

Peaceful and energizing at the same time, very rich in beautiful experiences (Sunrise, Moon Camp Fire, Singing, Dancing, etc..), Adventurous and fun, this retreat was far beyond my expectations. 

This retreat renewed my perspective about nature and its power. It renewed my sense of play and that we are never too old to take time for ourselves and play, Apostolia is so Artistic, Soulful, Passionate and Amazing! 

Spirit Contact Dance was a very interesting practice. I didn’t think I will enjoy it, but after a short moment, I started to understand the purpose of the exercise and its special intent. It felt liberating. I will do it again, as I have enjoyed it and other people in the group did too. 

Sunrise Meditation on the Rocks was SIMPLY AMAZING. I took the practice with me home. I get up twice a week to do the sunrise. Obviously, Koufonisia had an amazing sunrise that is hard to duplicate, but it is one of the things that will definitely make me come back to the island. 
Dancing with our Shadow: Amazing. Same feelings as sunrise meditation. 

Fire Ceremony: Very cozy and familial. I felt a warmth from everyone and a strong tribe feeling 
Ascending Meditation: A very nice tool. I do it occasionally at home and I enjoy it every time I do. 
Sharing Circle: It made everyone feel heard. That we may all have different lives, but we share the same human struggles. 

Excursions, Experiences: FUN FUN FUN. 

The food was delicious; Esko and Vasili did an incredible job keeping the food interesting and tasty. The location of the villa is great. Not too close to the town and not too close to the beach (quiet but not too much out of the way). 

Great Group of People. It was easy to get along with everyone and build a bond. Hopefully, everyone will make the effort to get together again. Really everything was amazing. Both I and my wife hope to come back next year and have the same amazing experience. 

Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat 2019

Karim, USA