I never would have dare to dream that a retreat could reveal such rich and important experiences to me!

I love every moment of it. It felt like the beginning of a new journey. I never would have dare to dream that a retreat could reveal such rich and important experiences to me!

I loved the yoga classes, I liked the way Apostolia shown us how to move and breathe in every single Asana. The connections of the postures with the OM was a revelation to me. The yoga was less static and more like a dance. In fact, I cannot imagine that I will ever practice sun salutations without the (internal) OM…

Right from the first time we started to dance, I felt the joy it brings to me and I made a promise to myself not letting any further time pass without dancing. I was very much inspired by the pulsing, the improvisations and the different environment where we practiced. It was a surprise to me how much I enjoyed watching the others doing their dances. It was just amazing how Apostolia took the shyness of everybody away.

The meditations addressing the divine mother were crucial for me. In these meditations I started to understand a little bit, how our being is embedded in something bigger and how we all as individuals are one with this source of creation and creativity. For me it was not always easy to fully grasp and understand this mysterious and beautiful knowledge. So, I was very happy that Apostolia shown us a way how we can discover this knowledge with our body and movements, how we can connect with the divine through vibrating, love, breathing and music (and not by sitting on a yoga mat).

I appreciated the sharing circles very much, which was one of the many surprises for me. I usually would be a bit too shy and skeptical about many people sitting together and sharing their feelings and anxieties, crying and expressing their anxieties in such an open way. I would be afraid that all the personal stuff from the others would blend in a weird way with my feelings and would become one big blurred confusing soup. But the opposite happened: my feelings and thoughts became throughout the whole retreat clearer and more precisely shaped, and I think the circles and the trust in these circles helped a lot.

It felt that all the singing and the games we played as floating bodies, the meditation on the rocks, in the caves and in the villas were part of the other things we did together. I enjoyed them so much.  I loved the fact that none of it was scheduled or organized in a stressful agenda. 

The divine is existing through vibrancy, love and creativity. It is not shaped by the difference of life and death. It was you, Apostolia, who shown this to me through my own body. You cannot imagine what a big gift this is for me – especially at this difficult moment in my life.


Nora, Switzerland