Apostolia, thank you for bringing magic to this retreat and for allowing us to experience unity and so much love!!!

This was one of the best weeks of my entire life. I never felt this much love and support and joy! It felt like my heart was so open and everything and everyone was so beautiful. Beyond anything I ever expected!

The Yoga class included very special combinations of breathwork, chanting, asanas…loved it all!! Particularly enjoyed OMing during sun salutations…

I have never done Spirit Contact Dance dance before, so this was all new to me and I loved it! Loved the creativity of different classes, the teamwork we shared where we got to learn about each other’s behavior and loved learning about so many possibilities of expressing emotions and oneself through movement. Very liberating! Especially loved the Pulsing we did on the beach or at the villa (with setting the intention); the music was very powerful!

Loved the Ascending Meditation and have started practicing it almost every day since finishing the retreat (although it feels better when it’s guided by you). Loved the meditation we did with request in one palm and obstacles in the palm of the other hand.

The Sharing Circle experience was very powerful. I’ve had sharing circles as part of my yoga teacher training, but this one was very special, so much unconditional love and support by everyone! I am so grateful for having been able to experience this!!

Excursions! I loved it all! The hike to catch the boat to Kato Koufonisi, the floating exercices, swimming in the caves, sunrise meditation –AMAZING!! The sunrise meditation was probably my favorite and maybe would have been good to do it more than once during the retreat?

This retreat felt like coming ‘home’ for me, like I was home…and it was because of you Apostolia (because you bring magic to everything), because of the group, because of our chef Esco and gatherings in the kitchen, because all of the beautiful nature around that triggered something sacred in me and a feeling of perfect’ home’ like this is where I belong…

This retreat shook me to the core in the sense of asking ‘how do I want to live my life’ (spiritual) versus ‘how am I living my life currently’ (duality of spiritual and this fast & furious ‘corporate’ life).

Made me realize that community, connection, love, beautiful nature might be the only things we truly need aside from food, water and shelter…your discussion on how fear of getting old and being alone with no one to take care of us really impacted me…

Being with like-minded souls that we were felt like heaven on Earth, like the unity we always talk about in spiritual terms but something I only experienced very rarely and transiently before. I’ve been to several other retreats but I was never able to bond with any of the participants like I did at this retreat. Everyone was so amazing! 

Koufonisi island  was one of the most beautiful places in the world for me…I felt like I was home at last. The Villas were amazing, the food was amazing, Esco, our chef is amazing! 

The massage was a mind-blowing experience as I never done this kind of massage treatment before. I told Alex that he is a miracle worker! Surprising emotional outbursts showed up when he was pressing certain points and I was so shocked by this experience (but so grateful for the emotional release)

Apostolia, thank you for bringing magic to this retreat and for allowing us to experience unity and higher states of being and so much love!!! You have changed and impacted my life so much, I am so happy that I have met you and I love you! I wish that I’ll be able to open even bigger doors after this retreat and continue to shine the radiance experienced at this retreat even for a while longer…I can’t wait for another retreat and I hope that many others will get to experience the happiness and joy you are able to bring everywhere you go! Thank you so much! 


Jelena, Slovenia -Canada, Blue Bliss 2019