Uplifting, inspiring. Love and Joy everywhere. A true Happiness Retreat.

Uplifting,inspiring. Love and Joy everywhere. A true Happiness Retreat.

This was my 5th Happiness Retreat and i always marvel at Apostolia’s ability to feel the needs of the tribe and teach accordingly. Her unique talent to make us connect with nature in a way she only knows how. Apostolia guides us with so much love and playfulness and she creates amazing bonding between participants in such  a short time! One of the reasons i like coming back to the Happiness Retreat is that people are never the same but always inspiring and loving.

A big gift i took with me: To challenge my beliefs and views about who i am and what i can. By trusting Apostolia i trust myself and all the members of my tribe. We cocreate a better world and i love that! My most happy moment throughout the retreat was the closing circle and sharing of the last day. Moments of great unity and emotion. I am looking forward to the next retreat!

Maria S. Greece