There are no words to express how much I enjoyed it , to be a member of this special Dream retreat !

I look back to this retreat with a very special feeling of gratitude to you and to all the participants! There are no words to express how much I enjoyed it , to be a member of this special Dream retreat !

To be with people, to belong to a group with such a beautifull spirit, where I could be my self, was very new for me ! I learned to pay more attention to my dreams and go for it without fear ! I discovered the power of dance, what it really means for me ! Free dancing on the music of the four (five) elements was a liberation !

The Dream Incubation Ceremony, that night covered with the full moon and so many stars, listening to beautiful silent music and your voice reading our dreams, I didn't expect that it would give me such a unifying feeling !

All our excursions and visits to the Temples where very special for me. I feel more trustful after the retreat especially towards myself and more relaxed ! Now I can be myself without thinking of the judgments of other people.You help my to found the way, you guided me! The moment that I find my way to the Source of the Creator was very emotional for me!

Meditating in the Ancient Greek Temples was breathtaking overtime! The wise silence touched me deeply! I didn't want to leave, to say goodbye to my new kindred spirits ! But one week was nearly enough for me because the experience was so overwhelming!

Yoga was warming us up physically and spiritually for the beginning of the day! I loved the dances, I like to express myself with movements! The meditation was well leaded! Your voice and the music took me to a deeper meditation!  It has give me trust and happiness ! Sharing feelings and dreams is not so easy but you and the group helped me a lot to find the courage and the words that I needed! The food was delicious and more then enough! I can't name my favourite, every dish was tasty !

Thank you so much Apostolia!  

Riet, Belgium, Silent Minds Dreaming Souls 2018