Can’t wait for a next opportunity!

Participating in a Happiness Retreat with Apostolia Papadamaki is a life altering experience beyond any description and beyond any imagination. Her multiple talents, together with her beautiful and calming personality and her unique skills make a miraculous combination reflected in all practices and experiences throughout the retreat. Apostolia is like a beam of light that gently embraces you, penetrates you, "shakes you" and changes your life. She takes care of every single participant and works on an individual basis with every one while at the same time she keeps the whole group dynamics at a high energy levels. Her teaching methods are truly unique and every day she adds new elements to her practices.

The Mystic Beauty Retreat in the island of Kythera was the fourth Happiness Retreat I have joined and just can’t wait for a next opportunity to join one of her unique journeys. There was yoga, impulse dance, meditations, discussions and amazing excursions in most breathtaking parts of the island.

The villa was a beautiful happiness space and the food was fresh, organic, with an abundance of local products and recipes. As for the other participants... what can I say… I am so happy I met and spent precious time with great individuals who are willing to grow, share, expand and elevate each other!