One of the best weeks of my life, full of deep emotions, positive energy, relaxation and awakenings!

One of the best weeks of my life, full of deep emotions, positive energy, relaxation and awakenings.

The Yoga class was beautifully instructed by Apostolia. It helped me realize I need to incorporate more movement to my daily schedule. The Spirit Contact Dance class was liberating! Brought back memories from my younger years when I enjoyed dancing a lot and made me think how much easier life would be with more impulse dance moves in it.

The Meditation was not very easy for me to concentrate at the beginning but towards the end of the week I felt more than I could ever imagine and the Sharing Circle was a very interesting experience full of strong feelings, acceptance and love.

Excursions, Experiences, Games, Songs: All very well organised and guided by Apostolia who has the gift of reaching into minds and souls and lead total strangers to togetherness and joy. What Apostolia offers is priceless.

I realised I have the power to do anything I set my mind to. Also remembered how I can bring more happiness bach to my life despite responsibilities and daily routine.

I really enjoyed meeting every single one of the other participants and discover interesting minds and beautiful souls. Bonding with them was very easy, fulfilling and in some cases surprisingly strong

The food was excellent and such a surprise for me that I’m not vegan. Esco is very talented and with all the information he happily provided helped me eliminate bad eating habits. Thai massage was a revelation. Alex was great in making me trust him and feel very comfortable and relaxed.

I just want to thank you Apostolia once more for all your support, guidance and positive energy that helped me regain my balance and find ways to improve myself.


Lila, Greece, Blue Bliss 2018