I am deeply thankful for this opportunity that came across my life. This experience exceeded my expectations

I am deeply impressed by Apostolia’s power, her mental balance, her authentic love for human beings and her ability to deal with and focus on every single attendee to such an outstanding extent.

To me, the retreat was a fantastic experience: I had several personal struggles and sorrows stirring up my mind when I arrived; also the fact to be the only man in the group was a challenge to me.

However, the combination of Apostolia’s several group sessions, rituals, and therapies enabled me to start overcoming not only my mental struggles but also to benefit from starting a fundamental cleansing process of my mind, soul, and body.

I am deeply thankful for this opportunity that came across my life. This experience exceeded my expectations 

Our 3 silent days were very revealing to me. Coming from the Vipassana meditation tradition, initially, I was not quite sure about the effectiveness of practicing noble silence within a not always silent environment. However, by the end, I realized that it had a positive impact still and am glad we could integrate it into the retreat concept. 

I enjoyed very much all the practices offered, Yoga with Voice, Breathing in the rooftop, Water Healing Group Session, Myofascial Release, Rituals, Meditation.

The sharing Circle was very positive for me, it took me a while to realize how beneficial this therapy was; self-reflection matures to a much higher extent when considered in reflection with other people’s shared problems and struggles. I learned much more than before what it means to forgive; especially how releasing it was to forgive myself.

The water healing session gave me very important insight about my life, I had never before reached such a deep dive into my subconsciousness. 

Voicing / Singing exercises were very releasing. I had to fight my mental and physical tension to get relaxed and feel free to moan and sing in a group of other people! I loved our practices in nature. There were indeed very special and positive energies in this corner. 

Thank you so much Apostolia. I loved your retreat very much and I still feel the spirit:) 


Michael, Switzerland, Rise Blissfully Silent 2019