For me this retreat had everything in harmony!

Authentic, original, harmonious, this retreat helped me connect with my inner child, get rid of my shame, grow my creativity, share with others, feel As One. Apostolia your generosity and abundant knowledge on the human soul, opened dark rooms inside me and brought the Light in! The retreat blissfully  gave me the inspiration to consciously chose the path of Happiness during and after the retreat!

Yoga: The synchronisation of breath while practicing Asanas, helped me to be more concentrated and in deeper communication with my body. Apostolia, thank you for all your care, for all of us, to practice Yoga in our best way, thank you for always being available to give explanations!

Spirit Contact Dance on the beach in front of the sea, with the refreshing wind, being barefoot on the sand, helped me to totally surrender and express my inner most emotions with so much playfulness!  Your soft, but stable voice in the meditation transmitted the message gradually day by day more and more to feel embrassed in safety by the Divine. 

I felt so much freedom in the sharing circle to get rid of shame, not to care about other people judjement, to increase my  self confidence, to cultivate active listening, to practice patience and to bond intimately with my self and the others.

I am grateful because in this retreat, i I developed my adventurous mind to cross and jump on rocks, to discover caves, to practise yoga on the sunrise, to feel one with nature and the other beautiful people! The boat trip in Kato Koufonisi was suburb and extremely beautiful! When we practiced Water Spirit Contact Dance, i was totally relaxed as a baby, feeling tenderness and unity.

For me this retreat had everything in harmony!



Anna K., Greece