I felt so strongly the “part” of a tribe!!!

Apostolia mou, once more, THANK YOU so much for this “lifetime experience” for me!!! My life and my way of thinking already are changing to become a better person for me and for all the world, to be a better person and make happy myself and all!!!

You are so Dynamic and soft woman at the same time, which is so unique!!! Your sharing experience and your teaching methods are so beautiful and strong and again so unique!!! I love you and looking forward to leaving a similar experience with you soon!!! Love you!!! 

I felt so strongly the “part” of a tribe!!! The freedom to share and hear deep feelings between us!! The respect of each other and our unique personalities!!! Only to feel happy and humble and respect!!! 

Apostolia is a unique personality and her teaching techniques and above all her way of approaching the hearts of the people are impressive!! I am so happy that Apostolia is now a friend in my life!!! 

Sunrise Meditation on the Rocks: 
Unbelievable experience again, loved it and really touched my heart and soul!!! 
-Dancing with our Shadow: 
What a unique experience!!! For the first time in my life, I felt that I was really “hugging” myself and dancing together!!! 

Eva, Greece, 2019