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The Happiness Retreat, under the guidance of Apostolia Papadamaki, extends a profound invitation to life transformation. Combining Greece's ancient healing traditions with transformative practices such as Yoga, Dance, Song, Circle, breathwork, and Ritual, our workshops and retreats offer a holistic and life-changing experience. 

Set amidst the sacred land of the Gods, each physical retreat is meticulously crafted to honor the unification of body, mind, and soul in every participant.


The Happiness Retreat Blue Bliss 2019 visiting the Cycladic Archeological Exhibition about Keros island Greece


Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat 2018


Envisioned by its founder, Apostolia Papadamaki, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, embodied spirituality mentor, healer, and teacher, THR (The Happiness Retreat) offers an open-hearted and potent "technology" aimed at equipping people with the tools to forge their own pathway to happiness.

As a visionary artist, inspiring teacher, and Ancient Greek Wisdom carrier, Apostolia generously shares her wealth of knowledge, experience, and insightful guidance with all the beautiful souls who participate in our thematic retreats, as well as our tailor-made corporate yoga and wellness retreats.


Apostolia Papadamaki The Happiness Retreat founder


 The Happiness Retreat Apostolia Papadamaki Dreaming Wide Awake Mykonos Delos island GreeceIMG_8607.JPG


Apostolia in the Temple of Artemis


In crafting our itineraries, we infuse abundant inspiration and playfulness, leading our participants to off-the-beaten-track and off-the-mat destinations throughout Greece. Here, amidst the land of philosophers, myths, magnificent monuments, natural wonders, and profound energy places, we create transformative experiences.

Our participants find themselves mesmerized by the rich tapestry of ancient history, local life, and the beauty of nature as they seamlessly blend in with local artists and inhabitants, immersing themselves in the stories of our cultural heritage.

Through meticulously crafted travel journeys, we offer experiences that not only rejuvenate the physical body but also elevate the spirit. These journeys serve as a pathway to rediscover the essence of human emotions, ultimately leading to the realization of happiness.


Water Healing Practice The Happiness Retreat Apostolia


Spirit Contact Dance on the beach


"Eudaimonia," the ancient Greek concept of happiness, transcends mere joyfulness. It entails achieving harmony between the physical and emotional states, gaining clarity to perceive one's ideal self, and embodying a life lived in synchronicity with one's inner spirit. This alignment enables individuals to not only experience happiness but also to strive towards becoming the best version of themselves.

In essence, our pursuit of happiness, or "arete," encompasses excellence in all aspects of life. It's about living authentically and meaningfully, where every action is a reflection of our inner values and aspirations.


Spirit Contact Dance


Happiness Circle


To attain happiness, one must align with the various aspects of their inner spirit or soul, whether it manifests as a creator, a healer, or a communicator. By unifying with this intrinsic part of oneself and nurturing it, individuals can flourish and realize their full potential.

Through immersive experiences in breathtaking therapeutic and rejuvenating locations, participants are invited to awaken their senses and establish a deeper connection with themselves. Accommodations are curated to offer bespoke comfort and tranquility, while meals consist of creative Greek dishes mindfully prepared with seasonal and organic ingredients, nourishing both body and soul.

In this nurturing environment, individuals are encouraged to expand their conscious awareness and cultivate an intimate relationship with themselves, fostering personal growth and inner fulfillment.


dreaming wide awake happiness retreat temple of Isis delos sacred island greece


Yoga Happiness Retreat



Join our Happiness Circle of like-minded humans who are taking a leap of faith into creating their own pathway to happiness. Looking forward to welcoming you to one of our miraculous Happiness Retreats!


Words of the soul from our beloved participants


This retreat renewed my perspective about nature and its power. It renewed my sense of play and that we are never too old to take time for ourselves and play, Apostolia is so Artistic, Soulful, Passionate and Amazing! 

Karim, USA


It was an amazing group. Amazing energies from all over the world. I loved the diversification of nationalities and ages. Amazing. Powerful. Wonderful deep bonding.

Gosia, Poland


I am deeply thankful for this opportunity that came across my life. This experience exceeded my expectations.

Michael, Switzerland


Meditating in the Ancient Greek Temples was breathtaking overtime! The wise silence touched me deeply! I didn't want to leave, to say goodbye to my new kindred spirits!

Riet, Belgium

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