༄ Growing older ༄

In every elder woman, I see my grandmother. Who’s the name I carry and it means mission.

Who was an intuitive healer at a small Greek village and taught me how to heal body and soul. Who was an artist of life, creating all kinds of artifacts. Who was singing and dancing every day just because she was alive and she inherited this gift to me.

Who was a true embodiment of Mother Earth feeding and nourishing her 9 children and 16 grandchildren. 

༄ November Blues - Truthfulness ༄

These are my deepest self journeys at this time of my life, my dear beautiful friends. When I decide to write to you my heart beats faster as I am preparing to share my true presence with you. Working with so many people from around the world, giving my self fully to each and everyone in every retreat, performance or workshop, makes me realize that most of us face the same concern.

༄ Dreamer of Dreams ༄

Dear soulful friends, Happy new year full of love, full of beautiful journeys to the world (and to the self) and full of Dreams! Every great Dream begins with a Dreamer! When we silent the mind and we open the eyes of the soul, we become Dreamers of Dreams where creativity and intuition are in perfect balance and we can create our life as we dream it.