༄ Inspired by Light ༄

Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse 2018 visible form the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, Peloponnese, Greece

The Total Lunar Eclipse + Full Moon as seen from the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, Peloponnese, Greece.
photo Maria Toultsa

༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄

Dance into the light

Embrace your shadows tenderly tight 

Day and Night will both unite 

Under the infinite Awe of Light 


For this is the most perfect day

The time to rise up  and play 

With all there is and all it comes 

It’s  precious as the moon and stars 


Dance so perfectly aligned 

That you let go of Who am I 

Dance opening your heart 

And let your tears be your map 


Of this new dream of you 

That is infinitely old and new

༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄

A warm blessing of light and love to all of you, my soulful friends and travelers of life!

"Some of us may look for the savior, salvation, for mystic connection, for gods or the science behind, we may choose to be believers or not. No matter what and who you are and where you stand and where you go, the inner dance, this beautiful connection with the divine, woke up inside and danced within you at the Ancient Temple of Appolo, the Savior, with a heritage of more than 4000 years. You become a pilgrim of a sort. The pilgrim of Hope."

The words of Galia Koliada, an overnight spectator of the Dream and Sleep performance entitled From Darkness to Light, are opening up more and more possibilities to my perception of how much transformation can be achieved when people that are "strangers" unite their bodies, voices, and souls with Nature, the Elements and the Directions. 

Our Silent Minds Dreaming Souls Happiness Retreat on the mountains, rivers and ancient sites of the Peloponnese prepared us to dream for our selves and the collective and open new possibilities on how we dream our world into being.

May we all become Dreamers of Dreams!