༄ Dreamer of Dreams ༄

Apostolia in Delos island at the House of Cleopatra October 2018

Dear soulful friends, Happy new year full of love, full of beautiful journeys to the world (and to the self) and full of Dreams!
Every great Dream begins with a Dreamer!
When we silent the mind and we open the eyes of the soul, we become Dreamers of Dreams where creativity and intuition are in perfect balance and we can create our life as we dream it.

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A Dreamer of Dreams is a seeker
of the unification of worlds.

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Dreams are the ways that our soul communicates with us. Our soul wants to unify with us, she wants to free us from suffering, to guide us to be merciful, great full, loving, creative, happy. When we suppress our "dreams" to meet the expectations of our family, friends, and society, we are unhappy.  

 ༄ The first step is to HAVE dreams! Night and daydreams, that will allow us to remember that we are born to live as Dreamers of Dreams.

༄ The second step is to listen mindfully to our Dreams and identify the "soul" messages.
༄ The third step is to work with strong intention before we sleep or before we meditate. To ask for the healing dream or the clarifying dream to come while we are in the hypnagogic state.

༄ And the final step is to manifest our dreams in THIS life, finding the courage that only or soul can give us and the trust that she is our most intimate guide. 


༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄
A Dream is a journey, is traveling,

is a wanderlust to the realms of the Soul.
༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄

For many years I keep dream journals and I work with my dreams to evolve as a human, as an artist and teacher. It was almost 2 years ago where this amazing dream was visiting me almost every night for 6 months.

I had a full sensory experience of flying really high, like an Eagle balancing in the sky on the level of the Sun and could see the map of Greece from above very clearly. But on the Greek land, I could see only ancient temples, sanctuaries, altars, amphitheaters, shining brightly in their timeless beauty, no cities, no roads no people.....just sparkling marbles in sacred geometrical shapes full of light.

As I have been creating performances and experiences in ancient Greek sacred places for many years I felt this consecutive dream was a strong invitation to create spiritual journeys in sacred destinations of my homeland and offer my teachings and insights on DreamWork that is extremely enhanced when practiced in high energy places. 

Last summer, I created my first Happiness Retreat focused on Dreams and Dreamwork, in the Temple of Apollo Epicurius in the Peloponnese during the powerful week of the Full Moon and the Total Lunar Eclipse.

This May, I have prepared for you the Dreaming Wide Awake Happiness Retreat, a magical journey to Delos, the birthplace of the light, the Greek island of miracles.

DELOS island is one of the top10 spiritual places of the world, it could be referred to as the Avalon of the South. Delos is the birthplace of Apollo the god of Sun and Artemis the goddess of the Moon, with profound healing energy that reaches you, long before you reach this Dream destination. A place where energy can literally change you, uplift our soul and heal you from inside. 

It is no coincidence, that the sunlight in Delos, is the most intense, compared to ANYWHERE around the globe. Scientists believe that this happens due to the ground’s texture which actually mirrors the light.
Delos is a living ancient sanctuary full of incredible monuments and it is uninhabited, so our Happiness Retreat Home will be in Mykonos, one of the most cosmopolitan islands of the world.

In Mykonos, I found the perfect secluded paradise of breathtaking scenery, a small complex of Eco-luxury villas located in the idyllic area of the Armenistis Cape with the mysterious Lighthouse. 

Toby Israel, an amazing storyteller and Dream Journalling teacher will join me and co-create magic, while Esco Essence, our master chef and raw food artist will captivate our senses with his dreamy detoxifying recipes.

༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄
If your dream is to know more about this transformative journey of conscious dreaming,
I have prepared all the information for you

offering early bird prices until February 4th.
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Thank you for giving your time and energy to read my words. I am grateful to you.

Thank you for the beautiful human being you are. Thank you for your presence and for your presents. Remember you are a beloved member of the soul family. Remember you are never alone. Remember you are love and only love.

Blessings for a life full of Dreams.
With Love and Light
༄ Apostolia ༄