༄ Let's Celebrate the New Decade ༄

Happy New Year blessings

Dearest friends!   ༄ Happy New Year ༄

Blessings for a new decade full of Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love,
Health, Abundance in all levels and
most of all
Blessings for a deep remembrance of our oneness with Spirit.

Looking back to this 10 years chapter,  2009 -2019,
On one hand, I counted so many challenges, a divorce, single motherhood,
financial problems, an accident, 3 surgeries, loss of beloved friends, fights,
insecurities, frustrations, anger, mistreatment and so many more...

One the other hand is the personal growth, the expansion of the limited self
that tunes in with the unconditional Love,
the deep connection with Nature and the elements,
the Circle of like-minded people like you, 
that honestly commit to continuously evolving and becoming the best humans
we can be in this life.

Yes, my heart was broken so many times this past decade but the big revelation
for me was the understanding that this is a way to open more to Love. 

I am fully trusting, that whatever life brings to me, is to help me grow,
to guide me on how to open my heart more and connect with the great Mystery,
the Spirit, the Creator, the Cosmos. 

Every year I create a ceremony for New Intentions for the New Year.
This time it was so hard for me to speak out new intentions for my self
as I deeply felt that everything I want is there inside me,
everything I want to be happy is provided to me by Nature, by mother Earth. 

I just need to embody more and more that I am a blessed human being,
a seed of Love, Compassion, Creativity, Truth,
and Kindness together with other unique human beings like you. 

and so my goal for this new Decade is:

To have no goals 
but to 
Trust Life and be Love

Breath by Breath
Song by Song
Day by Day

We are here on this planet to celebrate and to honor the privilege of being alive.
So let us embrace 
our fragile, vulnerable human bodies.
Let us heal our precious wounded hearts.

Let us simply and effortlessly be truly present to our selves and to each other
without trying to fix anything in "us" or anybody else. 

Let us embody our kindness, honor, respect, peace, love, and light.

May we sit in ceremony, may we enjoy singing and dancing in circles,
may we help each other rise,
leading by example of embracing all that we are,
under Love and Oneness.

May we praise the Earth and all her abundant nourishment to us human beings.

So be it. So be it So be it.  

Wishing you a happy new decade!
Oceans and Rivers of  Love.
༄ Apostolia ༄


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༄ Friday 27
1st-day meditation -Forgiveness

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2nd-day meditation -Gratitude

༄ Sunday 29 December
3rd-day meditation - New Intentions


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