༄ Sacred Breath ༄

There is an ancient breath breathing inside you.

She is longing to teach you how unique you are.

She carries gifts that can heal your wounds so you can lift the veil of your limited thoughts and remember your authentic myth.

It’s not about finding the meaning of life.
It’s about experiencing life as a sacred being in every breath you take.

Fully present. Fully loving. Fully forgiving. Fully grate-full.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tell me.

Can you feel your life is sacred?

༄ Dreamer of Dreams ༄

Dear soulful friends, Happy new year full of love, full of beautiful journeys to the world (and to the self) and full of Dreams! Every great Dream begins with a Dreamer! When we silent the mind and we open the eyes of the soul, we become Dreamers of Dreams where creativity and intuition are in perfect balance and we can create our life as we dream it.