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Stone Altar Creativity Obstacles How We Create Happiness

My dear beautiful friends, blessings for this exciting July 31st New Moon that also marks the end of Mercury Retrograde!  The intense pressure of the past month will be lifted and the rest of the summer will be more peaceful and enjoyable! Time for celebration and new intentions!  

I am writing these words as I am on vacation on the beautiful Greek island of Kythera, Greece, enjoying quality time with my family and friends. Yesterday we visited a beautiful beach full of umbrellas and a beach bar  (full of people) on the sandy part and stunning caves and stones on the other side. (nobody was there)

As we wanted to find a natural shade and some peaceful time to swim in the emerald waters we headed for the caves.  We found this stunning large cave with a small private beach in front, the perfect home to spend our day by the sea! 

But, there was a big problem! We couldn't really lie down as under our spine there were these big stones ....so many of them, what an "obstacle" we faced in this perfect place! Everybody was irritated, started complaining that they couldn't stay, some wanted to go to the sandy beach bar and some wanted to go find another beach.

I looked at the stones and I saw so much beauty, I saw how many years it took them to be polished by the seawater, I saw some incredible shapes and forms. Very silently I started excavating the stones and putting them as statues around a little sea rock.

I didn't do it on purpose, it is just my "inner child" coming forth. When I see "obstacles" I play and create, create and play. In a few minutes, my son (16 years old) started putting stones on a line and my best friend followed ...to make the long story short, everybody engaged passionately in excavating the stones SILENTLY without any call or instructions, creating an amazing "zen " garden, a stone altar, a tiny museum, a proof that human beings can create their reality. It is a matter of choice of how we see and fe
el when obstacles appear.

In 30minutes our little beach was clean of stones and we stayed until the sunset enjoying our beautiful nature "home". Most important is the way we felt. Happy, Fulfilled, Connected, United.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”
 Pablo Picasso

"The creative adult is the child who survived." 
Ursula LeGuin


This story is a metaphor for our every day lives. In my teachings, I always say that there is no point to meditate, to practice yoga, to dance, to sing if you can not apply the principles of your practice in real life. 

Creativity is an amazing tool to find happiness. It involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way. The way we "see" obstacles creates our reality - can be stagnant or playful and creative. Sometimes, what appears to be an obstacle is an opportunity to build something beautiful and new. 

July Blessings 

Remember you are born a creative being.
Remember that you have infinite possibilities. 
Remember you are a beloved member of the soul family. 
Remember you are not alone. 

Oceans and Rivers of  Love.
༄ Apostolia ༄