༄ Harmonize ༄ March 2020 Soul Words

Apostolia teaching Spirit Contact Dance in Nature

༄   Soul Words ༄

Do you feel it or it's just me, 

The call to leave behind

I am not enough
I will do it next year

Do you feel it or it's just me
The call  to 

Silence the monkey mind
Express emotions freely
Create Create Create
Love love Love

So you can 


Do you feel it or it is just me 
that 2020 is seriously calling us to

Shed off our skin

And take the leap of faith into the

or better the leap of faith into
remembrance of how to put in order
innermost chaos.

Chaos - Order 
two opposing poles longing for harmony

inside us and outside us 

It is a time that calls us to stop wanting to 

Become more
Have more
Say  more
Feel more

A time of subtraction
A time of less is more

The soul sings when the night falls

The heart dances on a silent day

Written on the 24/2/2020 at 22.20


Beloved friends from planet Earth, here in Greece,
is almost time to say good buy to the Wintertime
and celebrate the beginning of Spring.

But this year I feel the mystery of life
unfolds a bit differently than the previous years
as there is a very strong call
to devote time and energy

in the most sacred connection of all,
the connection to the self
not in terms of Ego
but in terms of existence. 

Why I am here on this earth?
How I can make the most out of the gift of life?
How can I be in service and create a better world?

In this stage of my spiritual path, I answer:

To Harmonise Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring and looking forward
to meeting you in person physically or virtually in any of the upcoming events!

Oceans and Rivers of  Love.

༄ Apostolia ༄