༄ November Blues - Truthfulness ༄

Truthfulness Selene Greece Happiness Retreat

༄ Truthfulness ༄

True Presence
True Connection 
True Belonging

At the end of the day who am I? Who am I when nobody is watching?

These are my deepest self journeys at this time of my life, my dear beautiful friends. When I decide to write to you my heart beats faster as I am preparing to share my true presence with you.

Working with so many people from around the world, giving my self fully to each and everyone in every retreat, performance or workshop, makes me realize that most of us face the same concern.

Who am I truly? Deep down at the core of my being what is my deepest truth?

When our defense system is down when we ask ourselves "what do I really need to be happy", we all long to be free from fear, to be accepted, to be respected, to be seen, and most of all to be loved.


Since my childhood, I have been "taught" to seek approval in others, to feel happy when I get a reward, to base my relations in co-dependence.  Nobody taught me how to have an honest, deep and loving relationship with myself.  Nobody told me that fulfillment is my responsibility and I am not a victim of any system if I don't consent. Sounds familiar?

Our human "evolution" has disconnected us from nature, has silenced our emotional voice, has buried our creativity as something useless.....We have become anxious, restless, isolated, separated from the one and only truth, the abundant love that exists inside each one of us, the interconnectedness, the true belonging within us and with all living beings.

The " superiority " of being a human being has been working against our souls.  In our collective consciousness, we have "wars" between parents and children, men and women, rich and poor, countries, nations....but the worse war, the most dangerous one happens inside our mind. 

Our mind keeps on creating story after story about our traumas, the things we miss, the relationships we don't like, the job that takes our time away. We are not our mind patterns, we are not victims of our traumas, we are not our judgmental thoughts, we are not the ones that say yes to an unfulfilled meaningless life waiting for the days, months and years to pass.

We are creative, free,  loving beings and we can take responsibility for our actions, for our lives. 

Only by silencing this monkey -mind we can look deeply in our selves, love our selves unconditionally and forgive 'us" for what we are not, for what we have not. Only by loving our selves unconditionally we can see our truth. And if what we see is a bit scary, self-love is the only medicine that can hold space for any change we want to make without abusing ourselves.

How do we take action towards a more truthful and loving relationship with ourselves?

By doing less and breathing more. By dropping multitasking even for one hour per day, by taking a slow pace at work. Leave your mobile phone on the table and take an aimless walk. Cook an improvised meal without any recipe just using your intuition. Wash your dishes dancing your favorite song. See a friend and just listen to his voice and words without thinking about what you will reply to while he/she is talking. In other words,  we are responsible to create quality time and space so we can be in a loving relationship with our existence every single second.
And most of all...

We have this amazing gift to breathe, to sing, to dance, to flow...

Take a deep breath and feel how precious this moment is. Sigh and let your voice be heard by you, you are the most precious human in this room.
Dance and feel this miraculous body of yours no matter if you feel incompetent if your mind tells you you are not talented or if you had a divorce or an accident. This moment that you read my words you are still alive, I am still alive and that's a unique opportunity of this moment, to fall in love with the gift of life. Life is the greatest mystery that we humans can only feel and never explain. Life is the most spiritual concept I know.  

November Blessings 
Remember you are born a creative being.
Remember that you have infinite possibilities. 
Remember you are a beloved member of the soul family. 
Remember you are not alone. 
Remember to fall in love with you.

Oceans and Rivers of  Love.
༄ Apostolia ༄


How we crete Happiness - Poetry by Rumi