༄ Growing older ༄

Apostolia Papadamaki meeting a beautiful elder woman in Blue BLiss Happiness Retreat 2018

In every elder woman, I see my grandmother. Who’s the name I carry and it means mission.

Who was an intuitive healer at a small Greek village and taught me how to heal body and soul. Who was an artist of life, creating all kinds of artifacts. Who was singing and dancing every day just because she was alive and she inherited this gift to me.

Who was a true embodiment of Mother Earth feeding and nourishing her 9 children and 16 grandchildren. 

Who was in love with my grandfather since she was 15 years old and at her 70s she was telling me: Look at your grandfather, isn’t he the most beautiful man in the world?

In every elder woman, I see my grandmother.

Who taught me that kindness to all living beings is the key to unlock your heart and spread happiness around you.

When I meet an elder woman I honor her with a smile, a warm truthful hello, a gaze of gratitude for her wisdom as I see the miracle of life in her.

No, it’s not elder women’s day or grandmother's day today...

It’s my birthday coming up in a few days and I am full of gratitude that I am alive and that you are alive just because elder women took care of our mothers and fathers and us...

If you read these words and you meet an elder woman today, be truly present. Maybe you can see your heart sparkling in her eyes.

Love always prevails.



The photo was taken in Koufonisi island, Greece while facilitating the Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat 2018.