Home Courses and Support from Apostolia and the Happiness Retreat team

My beloved friends and soul family,
I am safe with my son at home.
I pray, trust and hope that you are safe too.
Going straight to the point here.

I am here to support in any way I can
in this time of self-growth and radical collective changes.

I am an artist, a teacher, and a healer and
here is what I offer to you,
 with my deepest gratitude for our connection,
so you can keep a healthy body a calm mind and an uplifted spirit

All my group and private offerings are by donation
or free to those that are in need.

Tune into the frequency of LOVE

Sometimes I feel this emptiness inside me. It’s like I have a great lack of something and this feeling of vacuum inside is very strong. I long and search for something that will make me feel less alone, less vacant. The desire to understand me and to understand life is profound. But very often I am trapped in my mind “set” instead of vibrating in the frequency of Love. I choose to connect.