༄Adaptation-How we create Happiness༄

dream catcher in our Dreaming Wide Awake Happiness Retreat Mykonos and Delos islands, May 2019


My dear friends and happiness circle members!

Here we are welcoming the month of  June with a very positive New Moon on Gemini bringing magic and creativity and calling us for the quality of 

Adaptation is represented by the water element and its ability to flow continuously, to see no obstacles, to find another path, to go around them, over or under them.

Adaptation teaches is to step out of the trap of our ego and remember our higher purpose. Instead of staying fixed in our ideas or plans which means we expect a certain FORM of results, we can be fluid, ready to flow purposeful and motivated in staying connected with deeper feelings.  Curiosity and playfulness are great allies so we can achieve adaptation.

Let me give you an example. 

Back at the beginning of May, I guided my Spring Happiness Retreat participants into a forest path to reach a beautiful waterfall and meditate. (Some of you were there!)
But due to severe rains, all winter long, this path was full of obstacles. Trees had fallen down, streams were overflooded, misplaced stones were blocking the way.

Most of our tribe members were disappointed, they thought that we could never make it reach the Waterfall, but what I saw was an amazing opportunity to practice adaptation, to create a transformational experience that could change our mindset and teach us that we create our own reality.

I called the group to see other ways to overcome the obstacles by being inventive, uniting forces and helping each other. Amazing ideas came instantly, the "no way" feeling became a "wow we can make it" feeling and suddenly we all saw a playground of infinite possibilities instead of an impossible task. When we reached the waterfall we were all content, proud and happy.

We all have the potential for more water qualities in our life, especially in the areas that we feel a bit "stagnant".  Maybe it's our relationships, certain emotions or our physical body.

Let's invite gracefully the water element into our lives this month by honoring the water wherever we find it even when we drink a glass of water, we expose our selves in the rain or we swim in the sea.

Let's nourish our magical organism, the body with emotional fluidity by saying Yes even for a day in whatever obstacle comes on our "way", by thanking the obstacle and just moving around it!

And if our "sea "today is too cold or too hot or too calm or too wild, forget about having the perfect conditions to jump in and allow your playfulness to teach you the gift of adaptation! 

June Blessings 
With Love and Light
༄ Apostolia ༄