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Stay at Home

My beloved friends and soul family,
I am safe with my son at home.
I pray, trust and hope that you are safe too.
Going straight to the point here.

I am here to support in any way I can
in this time of self-growth and radical collective changes.

I am an artist, a teacher, and a healer and
here is what I offer to you,
 with my deepest gratitude for our connection,
so you can keep a healthy body a calm mind and an uplifted spirit

All my group and private offerings are by donation
or free to those that are in need.

We will practice online.

Online courses March 2020

You can choose one course or you can attend both.
If you attend both you will have 10 days' everyday practice alternating Breathing exercises and Yoga each day.

Both courses are for all levels, all ages, all genres. 

see all the info below


Breath Activation

Course I: Powerful Breath Activation 

༄ March 20, 22, 24, 26, 28

@4:00-4.45:00pm EET (Greece)

15.00-16.00(UK) 10.00am -11.00am (New York + Canada)

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Yoga online

Course II: Yoga for Self Love and Harmony

༄  March 21, 23, 25, 27, 29

@ 4:00-4.45 pm EET

15.00-16.00(UK) 10.00am -11.00am (New York + Canada)

Learn more & Book 

No worries if you miss a session or if you want to repeat the practice,  the replay video will be provided to you right after each live session!


I am also offering free skype, messenger or what's app sessions
for those that need my humble support,

from March 20 - April 3rd,
Weekdays only,

from 17.00 -18.00 EET (Greece )
15.00-16.00(UK) 10.00 am -11.00 am (New York + Canada)

It will be a 10-15min free online meeting and you can book by sending an email to info@thehappinessretreat.gr

I would love to serve all those in need in any way I can,
if too many, these sessions will be served upon registration order. 


༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄༄ ༄༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ 

The Individual Online Sessions are available

and you can find the information here 


༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄༄ ༄༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ ༄ 


Our Private Facebook Group

I keep on offering all the modalities I know in our private Facebook group which is comforting all of us and keeps us truly connected without bombarding us with too many posts.

You can join here the  Happiness Circle group.

Recorded Videos of my recent live session on this group. You can practice by listening, not necessarily watching if you want to have less “screen” in your life.

1.How to boost our immune system with breathing exercises and respiratory system cleanse.

2. How to Pulse, Move & Shake to Raise your Vibration!

3. Guided Meditation on Love

4. Guided Meditation on Forgiveness

5. Guided Meditation on Gratitude

6. A song with my guitar


Finally, I thank my colleagues at the Happiness Retreat, Georgia, Areion and my beloved X that wants to stay anonymous for the moment, for helping me with their amazing work, enthusiasm, and creativity to put all these offerings online and to keep The Happiness Retreat concept a heartfelt space for all of us. 

Oceans & Rivers of Love 
Stay Safe

༄ Apostolia ༄


VIP 1: At this moment you receive this email from my personal mail address, please save info@thehappinessretreat.gr in your address book so it doesn't go to spam or promotions. This email is the one we will communicate normally.

VIP 2: You can invite friends, colleagues, family to connect with our circle by subscribing here. 

VIP 3: If you would like more online offerings/practices from me just let me know what kind of modality/content you would like!