Dreaming Wide Awake

The Happiness Retreat - Dreaming Wide Awake, Delos
Set your Soul free and Dance your world into being!
8 days - 7 night

The “Dreaming Wide Awake” Happiness Retreat is a call-to you-to become a Dreamer of Dreams by retreating into the sacred space of true manifestation.

Envisioned by its founder Apostolia Papadamaki, spiritual artist and transformational retreat leader, and co-facilitated by Toby Israel, storyteller and creative experiences designer, this retreat is for you:

You who are longing to enter the realms of dreams with your spiritual heart, you who are seeking to learn how to enter “Dreamtime,” and you who wishes to embody your dreams through breathwork, meditation, movement, storytelling, chanting, connection with nature, journeying & journaling.

Each one of us is born with a unique gift that has our signature, but in our world we are taught to be People who Act, rather than Dreamers of Dreams bringing our souls into light.

We will meticulously guide you to cultivate your rational mind in service of your creative mind. By the end of this retreat you will be able to honor all your gifts so you can manifest miraculous events for yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

We will reside for 8 days in a stunning private Villa, located in a secret and peaceful region of sun-kissed Mykonos Island; we will develop our practices in Delos Island, where the aura of sacred energy extends to the physical beauty of the landscape. This sacred island, known as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, still generates one of the strongest energy fields in the world, creating the perfect ally for our intentions.

You are invited to join this immersive, transformative, once-in-a-lifetime journey that will release the full potential of your divinely exceptional soul. Embrace your light, raise it into consciousness, and receive the gifts that already reside within you.

A warm thank you from our dreamy hearts for reading this lines, more information about Dreaming Wide Awake Retreat coming soon! In the mean time you can send your inquiry and we will make sure to send you all the details of this devine journey.

With Love & Light

The Happiness Retreat Team