Dreaming Wide Awake

The Happiness Retreat Dreaming Wide Awake transformational life experience Delos Mykonos Greece
Join our 8 days, women only, happiness immersion in the Greek Islands of the Gods! 
Led by Apostolia Papadamaki
8 days - 7 nights

Nourish your body, mind, and soul surrounded by the Aegean blue, learn how to embody your dreams with playfulness and manifest miracles in your life!

Relaxing by the swimming pool of a serene private villa as you indulge your senses gazing endlessly the union of the golden sky with the crystal clear sea at the cosmopolitan Mykonos island...

...is the end of a transformative day spend experiencing a nourishing blend of mindful practices and rituals in Delos island, one of the most uplifting energy sites in the world. And there is more bliss to follow as your inspiring teacher, Apostolia is preparing a Dream Incubation Ceremony especially for you and your new amazing friends that will share and manifest their dreams with you!

Embark on this 8 women only, life-changing journey and set your soul free, embodying your dreams through breathwork, meditation, yoga, dance, chanting and dream journeying. This unmissable retreat experience is meticulously designed for you as a gift to yourself so you can rejuvenate, receive transformative guidance to invoke your untapped source of creativity and wisdom and learn how to weave your own pathway to happiness when you go back home.

Legendary Mykonos and awe-inspiring Delos islands

The Happiness Retreat - Blue Aegean Sea - Cyclades

Mykonos Greece Aegean Sea Cyclades Island Yoga Retreat Wellness Transformational Spiritual Journey

The queen of Cyclades, Mykonos is an island with a bohemian soul. A whitewashed paradise, this dream-worthy destination is gifted with exceptional beaches, elegant villas, a cosmopolitan aura, windmills, mystical rocks, wild beauty, world famous sunsets and above all the iridescent - Aegean light.

Just a breath away from Mykonos stands the uninhabited Delos, one of the most sunlit islands of the Aegean sea, imposing the splendor of the Greek spirit. A Unesco world heritage site, the birthplace of the twin deities God Apollo, the god of light, and Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, Delos, has the mysterious capacity to awaken and catalyze within you the qualities of compassion, wisdom, unification of the male and female, self-healing and spiritual attunement.

The Happiness Retreat delos island sea view yoga wellness journey Greece


The Happiness Retreat Delos island of the Gods Apollo Light

The universal harmonics of the numberless Ancient monuments, reveal the glory of the island that represented a spiritual and cultural center for the ancient world, invite you to recharge your physical body and fine-tune your energy field. The Temples of Apollo, Dionysus, and Isis, the sanctuary of Artemis, the Sacred Lake, the House of Cleopatra, the  "Lion Rue" with its nine marmoreal lions will become our meditation and intention setting "hotspots". 

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Dream Wide Awake with us and you will...

Happiness Retreat Participants in Delos island Dreaming Wide Awake 2019


Commit to self-love. Nourish your body with gentle Yoga, recharge your vital force with breath work, relax your mind with guided meditation. 

Maintain happiness and peace as your natural state, cultivating mindfulness.

Learn active dreaming and unleash your Dreamer self-potential.

Discover how creativity and freedom of expression can empower you to discover your infinite possibilities.

Restore your subtle energy body with graceful rituals intertwined with ancient Greek myths.

Enjoy a full moon week, in the islands of the Gods, masterfully designed to guide you on how to manifest your greatest dreams while spending quality time for you, sunbathing, swimming or exploring the stunning Chora of Mykonos with your new friends.


Your retreat leader & teacher

The Happiness Retreat - Apostolia Papadamaki - Beach

I am Apostolia Papadamaki, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, performer, and a transformational retreat leader and teacher. I studied Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Yoga and Alexander Technique in New York. As a lover of healing arts, and spirituality, I am trained in Shamanism Music, Voice, Diving, Craniosacral Therapy, and Rei-Ki collaborating with inspiring artists, healers, and teachers in many lands. I love to Dream and I believe in infinite possibilities. My highest intention is to keep opening the eyes of the soul and tuning into the frequency of Love no matter how life challenges me. The Happiness Retreat is an open-hearted invitation to share knowledge, experience, and joy with beautiful souls like you!


Learn more about Apostolia's journey


Apostolia Papadamaki practicing day dreaming amongst the ancient ruins on sacred Delos island greece

The whole kingdom of nature belonged to her. She supervised the spring blossom and the fertility of the land. She reigned upon the elements of nature,dominated the air and the waters. She healed sickness and was a goddess of health.

Ode to Goddess Artemis


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Teachings / Practices

The key to Happiness is maintaining a healthy body while you honor your soul calling. All of our daily sessions are carefully designed to cleanse your body, restore your nervous system and elevate your energy flow with pleasure and joy while our creative experiences and heartfelt group gatherings will open the space for a deep connection with your Dreamer self.


The Happiness Retreat - Yoga Practice in Koufonisi

Our Hatha Vinyasa Yoga practice, in conjunction with the principles of Biomatic Anatomy, is linking movement with breath and awakens your body/spirit awareness. You will learn how to develop a daily practice of graceful movement sequences, details of physical and esoteric physiology and therapeutic relaxation techniques. 

Guided meditations and drum journeys will lead you into the deepest self-insights and most powerful dream states at the end of our morning Yoga class.

Spirit Contact Dance

The Happiness Retreat - Impulse Dance

We begin by grounding ourselves, shaking and pulsing to release tension, increase blood circulation and connect with the cosmic energy of the Earth. Our breath expands into sound and our voice can be liberated. We enter a state of profound soul connection establishing a deep level of freedom - we reach our euphoric state of being. 

Water Spirit Contact Dance

The Happiness Retreat - Floating Body

An aquatic bodywork that will enable you to embody the art of true belonging and trust oneness in the fluidity of the sea. Water is conductive so it can help us remember our true nature, it can facilitate a rebirth experience. While floating in the water, the absence of gravity releases our vertebrae and allows our spine to move in ways that are not possible on the land.

Dancing with your Dreams

The Happiness Retreat - Storytelling - Dreaming Awake

For the Ancient Greeks, dreaming was an opportunity to understand existence beyond the “awake” state and connect with higher divine energies capable of inspiring miraculous healing.

Learn how to create the reality that you want, tapping into the infinite potential of your dreams that can reveal your life's purpose in a sacred loving way.

Sharing Circle

Everybody joining The Happiness Circle

Our Sharing Circle, a sacred inclusive space that will support you to feel free to express your deepest longings, release old patterns and fears, shift perspective and activate new decisions, while simple yet profound Rituals will teach you how to fully enjoy your experience and be grateful to yourself, your community and the earth.

Read more about the practices


Our in-house star chef!

The Happiness Retreat Esco Essence Master Chef Raw Food Artist Dreaming Wide Awake



Esco Essence, our in house star chef and raw food artist, will make sure you get all the benefits of a delicious and nutritious diet, rooted in the gastronomic treasures of the islands. He carefully selects organic products for their healing qualities and he will prepare for you the most healthy, tasteful and colorful dishes. Esco will captivate your senses, share with you his recipes and definitely inspire you to continue a healthy lifestyle after the retreat.


You will enjoy an abundance of gourmet vegan and vegetarian meals, snacks and healthy smoothies throughout the retreat.


Fanari Complex Villas & Suites

Located in an idyllic area of the Northwest coast of Mykonos, our happiness nest offers stunning views of the Aegean sea. It is tucked away in a serene, secluded paradise of breathtaking scenery near the interesting and mysterious Cyclades lighthouse, on the cape of Armenistis. 

The Happiness Retreat - Villa Fanari / pool
The Happiness Retreat - Villa Fanari / bedroom
The Happiness Retreat - Villa Fanari / common spaces
Wellness Happiness Retreat Villas Mykonos Dreaming Wide Awake Yoga Retreat Transformational Journey

What is included

8 days / 7 nights of stay in private Villas
Daily: breakfast/ brunch buffet, dinner, water, fresh fruits, tea, and digestive infusions
Daily: Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation
Opening & Closing Sharing Circle
2 Sessions of Dancing with your Dreams
2 Dream Journeys with Shamanic Drum
New Moon & Dream Incubation Ceremony
2 Boat excursions to Delos island

Entrance fees to the Archaeological sites of Delos island 

1 Hiking beach excursion
Free access to the private swimming pool
Car transfers from the Villas to nearby beaches and all our group excursions.
Mindfulness living all day long 
All meals are vegan, special dietary restrictions can be accommodated (e.g. gluten-free).

What you need to add

Your flight/ferry to Mykonos Island
Your transportation from Mykonos airport to the Villas 
Your travel insurance

The Happiness Retreat - Relax under the sun and meditate - Greece


Accommodation options & prices

Single Spacious Suite / King size bed /Ensuite Bathroom / Secret Garden View / 3400€ per person

Shared Double Spacious Room / Two Single Beds / Ensuite Bathroom / Garden or Sea View  / Swimming Pool / 2800€ per person

Special Prices for the Happiness Circle members, repeaters and locals. Contact us for further details.

All rooms are very spacious and have their own private bathroom. Kindly send us an inquiry form for payment options.

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Sunset Meditation The Happiness Retreat Villa Fanari Dreaming Wide Awake

Saturday, May 23

Arrivals until 16.00
17.00 /  Retreat Orientation, Breathwork, Meditation, Sharing Circle. 
19.30 / Dinner, New Moon Ceremony, intention setting.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, May 24-27

08.00 / Yoga, BreathWork, Meditation in the pool area 
10.00 / Breakfast / Brunch 
11.30 / Boat excursion to Delos Island or to a secluded beach where we will practice amidst the sacred ruins
16.00 / Free time / Integration
18.30 / Sunset Dinner 
20.00 / Drum Journey  

Thursday, May 28

Sunrise Meditation

Free day to visit Mykonos island or to rest 

Dream Incubation Ceremony

Friday, May 29 

08.00 / Yoga, BreathWork, Meditation in the pool area 
10.00 / Breakfast / Brunch 
11.30 / Free time / Integration
16.00 / Spirit Contact Dance - Embody your Dreams
18.30 / Sunset Dinner 
20.00 / Drum Journey

Saturday, May 30 

09.00 / Breakfast  

10.00/ Retreat Closing Circle
12.00 / Departure 


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How to get there

The Happiness Retreat - Mykonos Windmills

by Air

Mykonos island has an international airport serviced by domestic flights from Athens and direct flights from several European countries.

by Ferry

Mykonos is easy to reach from Athens' two ports, Piraeus and Rafina.
Blue Star Ferries (www.bluestarferries.com) 
Hellenic Seaways (www.hellenicseaways.gr) 
Sea Jets (www.seajets.gr)