༄ Happy MOnth of May & Happy Full Moon ༄

Full Moon May Circle The Happiness Retreat

Beloved friends! Happy month of May  & Happy Full Moon!

Thank you so much for being alive, for being part of my life's journey in so many ways!

Greece is slowly stepping out of the quarantine but still, no one knows what this new reality will be like. What I hear from many is the struggle of the inner war between the mind and the heart.

The mind is afraid, wants to act, to predict, to go back to the "normal" past or project in a "normal " future. The heart wants to open, to trust, to love.

And the body is in between these two, confused, confined, restricted, frozen. Embodied practices are now more valuable than ever. Being present with our breath, meditating, dancing, singing, gardening, painting, are increasing hormones of joy and happiness in our body and raising our vibrations so we can attune with the frequency of Love.

So we can step in our power and remember who we truly are, reaching our full potential, serving our soul’s purpose.

Learning to embody the vibration of love is the reason we are here. It is our individual and collective purpose. It is the secret of life, the elixir for joy, and the antidote to fear, anger, pain. Love converts our limitations to our ability to rebirth anew.

This historical time we live in is a wake-up call to know ourselves and become the embodiment of body-mind-spirit harmonization.

So this is the most fundamental question I ask my self every day:

Which vibration do you choose?

Oceans & Rivers of Love


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May's Full moon is one of the most beautiful Full Moons of the Year, so potent with so much light coming down to the Earth.

Its the birthday of Budha (Vesak) and allows us to enter the deep waters of our psyche individually and as a collective. So, I invite you to celebrate the Light - Vesak Day by joining our online circle or by creating a personal ritual, meditate, breathe, pray, and invite the full moonlight to ignite your soul1