༄ Mother's day Primordial Mantra ༄

With my new born son

Ma is the first word we say. Ma-Ma is recognized from almost every human being in the world as the name we give to our first shelter. Our mother.

{Ma-Ma is a primordial mantra that I use in my teachings and connects us with Mother Love.}

Becoming a mom, 17 years ago was and is the greatest gift of my life. No matter the difficulties, the struggles, the work it needs to be a mother I would never change it as it taught me first of all to love my own mother unconditionally and to give her only gratitude. For she gave me life. 

Motherhood connected me deeply with my wounds, helped me to face them, and heal them, helped me to recognize what unconditional love is.

{Ma-Ma leads to MaM when we are babies calling for food calling for Love }

Thank you to my mother, thank you to my son, thank you most of all to our Great Mother Earth for nurturing us humans with your abundant love.

Close your eyes and hum so you connect with the unconditional love inside you, the highest frequency of all:
Ma- Ma -Ma - Ma- Ma- Ma