Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Online Ceremony

Monday 16.05.2022
Apostolia Preparing the altar
Connect with your Soul Energy / Raise your vibrations and broadcast your Light.
Apostolia Papadamaki
2 hours

Join us in a very special ceremony celebrating three major spiritual events: a Full Moon that coincides with a Total Lunar Eclipse and the Buddhist Vesak, the birth of Buddha. 

On 16.05.2022 the divine energy can penetrate our mind, heart, and soul and we can deal with "bonds" that are holding us back from living according to our full potential. These bonds can be toxic thoughts, emotions, relationships, or the notion that "we are not good enough" or "we are not ready yet", for the transformation that our soul is longing for some time now. 

The Total Lunar Eclipse can show us whatever is being suppressed and the Full Moon can bring it into light while the Buddha Purnima opens a portal that increases the divine connection and guidance.

Our own personal power is amplified when we gather in ceremony with like-minded people from around the planet, and it allows us to download soul wisdom.  Join us and let's pray together, opening our hearts in mutual commitment for healing and love for ourselves, our beloved ones, our community, and all living beings.



16th May 2022: 20:30-22:30 GMT+2

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A recording will be available to all attendees, those who attend live online and those that can't be present so that everyone will be able to revisit and practice in their own time.


To join this powerful  Ceremony kindly send us an email: info@thehappinessretreat.gr


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Elements of our Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Ceremony


Mandala symbol


Mandala symbol

Spiritual Guidance 

Mandala symbol

Release of limited Beliefs

Mandala symbol


Mandala symbol

 Rituals, Ceremony & Celebration

Mandala symbol

Soul Connection Meditation

Mandala symbol

Heart Opening Song and Dance


Beginning with mindful breathing we silence the mind and we remember our birthright to be connected with our soul, so we can clear away the patterns and fears that hold us back. We raise our vibrations with song and dance prayers, creating the fertile soil for our hearts to connect with the unconditional love energy and receive abundant guidance and assistance for our human journey.

We have been through difficult times, being separated, releasing old negative karma, shedding old skin, so it’s time now to receive infinite love and joy being in the Circle, re-creating consciously the universal symbol of wholeness.

Our Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Online Ceremony is a unique opportunity to release toxic thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, to close circles in your life, to recharge, to open your third eye, and to heal the heart. We invite you to join us, from the comfort of your home, to align, find peace, awaken, and activate your connection with your higher self every month.


To join us kindly send us an email: info@thehappinessretreat.gr


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What to Prepare for the Ceremony

A Yoga or Fitness mat, or a Cushion.

A bottle of water.
A candle
A tea or beverage
A notebook and a pen
Good internet connection
Zoom app


We look forward to starting this journey with you. 
For any questions please email us here 


Your teacher

Apostolia Papadamaki Artist Teacher Healer


I am Apostolia Papadamaki, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, a transformational retreat leader and an embodied spirituality teacher. I studied Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Yoga and Alexander Technique in New York. As a lover of healing arts, and spirituality, I am trained in Shamanism, Music, Voice, Diving, Craniosacral Therapy, and Rei-Ki collaborating with inspiring artists, healers, and teachers in many lands. I love to dream and I believe in infinite possibilities. My highest intention is to keep opening the eyes of the soul and tuning into the frequency of Love no matter how life challenges me. The Happiness Retreat is an open-hearted invitation to share knowledge, experience, and joy with beautiful souls like you!


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Members of our Happiness Tribe Share:


I am so full of love, energy and gratitude and I thank you so much for what you have awakened in me.

I feel there has been a complete shift in how I view myself and the world around me. I feel physically lighter and full of hope for a better future and myself as a better human being. Thank you so much.  I love you, without this awakening where would I be?



This mentorship has been a synchronisation of Life. Thank you so much Apostolia! It transformed me, I tap into my ancient power. It allow me to come back into myself, and from there I can play and dance with life. I am truly thankful for this programm because apart from all the inner realisations,It has helped me in my communication, to be clear and to recognise when the other is not clear. That gives me freedom and confidence to express my needs and be heard!



Thank you Apostolia for this beautiful and intense journey we made together for I realize I love myself that much that I end up in this beautiful tribe. 
This has been a journey of remembering, In Spanish, the word is "RECORDAR", which etymologically means, repass through the heart, and this is exactly was this month has been to me. 


I feel very close to you all after this magical time together! Even though we are miles apart and speaking over online technology, I didn't find that stopped us from truly connecting! Thank you so much dear Apostolia for making any time spent in your presence so precious and sacred and for allowing us not only to reach places needing forgiveness but also for facilitating an experience of bliss and unity.


Pulsing and dancing is always an amazing practice to release old patterns! The greatest gift from the Embodied Spirituality Mentroship is Freedom!
Free to by my authentic self, a sweet creative woman liberated from the fear to be sensual, deeply connected with her powerfull feminine side!




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