A deep experience that brought revelations and light!

The Happiness Retreat with Apostolia was a deep experience that brought revelations and light! This week on Koufonisi gave me energy and positive vibes! The journey was inner and deep and also one to the outside world and an experience of nature that made the spirit and the body blow and glow.

Apostolia is a facilitator, in the literal sense of the word and made this whole experience priceless… because of the people there and the bonding. And the new approach to yoga, to dance, to looking inside and around.


Can’t wait for a next opportunity!

Participating in a Happiness Retreat with Apostolia Papadamaki is a life altering experience beyond any description and beyond any imagination. Her multiple talents, together with her beautiful and calming personality and her unique skills make a miraculous combination reflected in all practices and experiences throughout the retreat. Apostolia is like a beam of light that gently embraces you, penetrates you, "shakes you" and changes your life.


Abundance in love and laughter!

I am extremely happy to have discovered Apostolia and her Happiness retreat and would warmly recommend it to anyone who is up for a vacation filled with movement and dance. Memories of the rising sun, incredibly tasty vegan dishes, mesmerizing views and an abundance in love and laughter will remain in my heart.


This is THE retreat!

There are moments and days in our life that once lived, you know you will never forget them. Days that miraculously add to our awakening and gentle transformation. Days that make us connect, open, augh, sing, LIVE! Those were the days i spent in Kythera at The Mystic Beauty Retreat impeccably organised by Apostolia Papadamaki. From the delicious food, absolutely delightful yoga lessons, picturesque accommodation to the group sharing under the stars, to the spellbound landscapes,this is THE retreat! I strongly recommend it.