The Venue: Eremito Hotelito del Alma


A unique place, a lay hermitage located in an isolated spot, where one can breathe and sense the atmosphere characteristic of Umbrian hermit places; here the combination of nature, peace, and silence encourages being in touch with one’s soul and inner self. Eremito is one of the most recognized Design Hotels in the world and the perfect place for a digital detox.


Eremito -our happiness retreat home

Reception Eremito           

The meditation room

The water healing Jacuzzi


A mystical place, a beautifully restored ancient monastery, majestically located within a densely wooded hill on 160 acres of a gorgeous, river-strewn Umbrian landscape.

Eremito amplifies the sense of spirituality enchanting the eyes and the soul and is the ideal place for those who realize that peace and quiet are essential ingredients to find inner peace.

A member of the healing hotels of the world, this magnificent Eco-Luxury Hermitage, consists of impeccably designed ”Celluzze” rooms modeled after ancient monk’s cells,  beautiful common spaces inviting guests to unwind and relax. Next, to the yoga room, there is the mystic spa area:  a steam bath and a Jacuzzi, in a background of soft Gregorian chants, a perfect equilibrium for body and mind, and a miniature chapel in the tower to pray or meditate.


The so-called “Celluzze”, are the cells used by the hermits in past times who in their small and simple spaces were able to find time for meditation and prayer. Eremito has rooms with a wrought iron bed, a shower, and a toilet.

Celluzze in Eremito


Room Eremito

Room Eremito 1