It was a truly miraculous experience.

Some people come into our lives and give us a deeper understanding of what is truly important in this life. They touch our souls. We gain strength from the footprints they have left on our hearts, and we will never ever be the same.

For me Apostolia is one of them,after the Intro Biomatic Workshop my strong pain in the lower back is gone.I have suffered for several years with chronic low back pain. I started to suffer pain along my right leg, and now it’s difficult to stand and walk for a long period of time. An MRI uncovered a lumbar herniated disc. I’ve since tried cortisone injections, tablets and acupuncture with no pain relief.

That day after a miraculous healing i am without pain. Thank you Apostolia!It confirmed for me become more aware of my body and more in control of my life .We can get so disconnected from our bodies that becoming even a little bit aware can be a good reminder.It was a truly miraculous experience.

Dona, Cyprus