Re-Green Eco-culture centre

Re-Green is an Eco culture center, based on a mountain countryside, in Seliana Achaia, just 2 h from Athens. Surrounded by majestic mountains, rivers and waterfalls where ancient Greek Nymphs still preside their free spirit over fountains, Re-Green re-invents Life! Re-Green is about Permaculture, Sustainable Living, Energy Saving, Self-Sufficiency & Nutrition with Real Food.


A 250 years old stone built mansion combines tradition and elegance perfectly, offering spacious and pleasurable stay. Accommodation is shared in spacious rooms, renovated and decorated with natural living principles and immense love. Each room is unique with its own flexible bedding arrangements (cocomat mattresses) and private bathrooms.

The Happiness Retreat - Indoor space in Regreen SelianaRe-Green, Seliana - Living Room

The Garden

Organic fresh fruits and vegetables, grown with care and mindfulness, will actively nourish our body and elevate our souls in a harmonious co existence with nature.

The Happiness Retreat - Beautiful yard in Regreen Seliana

The Maloca

Our practice room is an impressive octagon Maloca/shala of a 100sq/metres, built with local, natural materials. A reciprocal beam structure roof covers the walls and windows hosting different natural techniques and is able to be heated by a very efficient wood burning rocket mass heater. Located within Re-Green's property it overlooks the green forest on the south and the blue Greek sea on the north.

Re-Green, Seliana - The Maloca


A hand made steam lodge, a"house of heat". It cleanses the body after exercise, treats many diseases and improves overall health. It's the place where our guests are offered the opportunity to "sweat it out"! Very similar to Native American sweat lodge, in our temazcal you can sweat the toxins out of the body, but you can also practice spiritual reflection and introspection. Symbolically we enter the womb of Mother Earth, and come out clean and reborn!

Animal Farm

Dogs, cats, ducks, chicken, all the little animals of the farm and Maya the donkey, are coming to you to become your friends!

The Happiness Retreat - Maya the donkey in Regreen Seliana

Natural Swimming Pond

With cool water from the mountain flowing in and letting us cool off under the wattle tree, this healing water has amazing benefits for our body when we float or swim in it. Just like healthy soil, a balanced water system contains all the micro organisms needed to sustain the surrounding ecosystem.

The Happiness Retreat - Waterfall in Regreen Seliana

Natural Waterfall

Within 10’ walk from Re-green you are under the shade of huge plane trees and thick bushy vegetation. Krios river forms a beautiful accessible Waterfall with a small natural pool where you can refresh, meditate and heal in the sound of birds and flowing waters.

Re-Green bedroom Re-Green bedroom Re-Green flowers in the garden Re-Green living room Re-Green tezmacal