༄ Belonging ༄

Nature is our home, Kythera island, Apostolia

It happens all the time in heaven,

And someday

It will begin to happen

Again on earth -

That men and women 

Often will get down on their knees

With tears in their eyes,

Will sincerely speak, saying,

My dear,

How can I be more loving to you;

How can I be more kind?

Hafez ( excerpt)


Beloved friends, June is here marking the beginning of sweet summer and the Moon is coming to full this Thursday. I am sure you are aware of what is happening around the world right now. I am in deep concern as you are, about where we stand as conscious human beings. 

The call for awareness and personal responsibility is urgent and very challenging. Identifying what it means to be "human" today is the clearest call I hear.

All parts of me are craving to stop the inner war between me and my soul and asking me to take responsibility, as what is happening now on our planet is deeply affecting me.

Just after the lockdown of Covid19 humanity proved collectively that can obey to authority control. Just after the death of George Floyd, riots all over the US claim for justice and human rights as racism has been a virus amongst humans for centuries now. A possible scenario of what's coming after this is more authority control so we can be "safe".

At the same time,  in different countries, (Greece is one amongst them) crowds gather and protest against the new “Modernized Environmental Legislation” that gives easy permissions to private companies to develop businesses in protected Nature areas. 

How can we still believe that invading a planet like earth and turn the entire Nature into business, as usual, will lead to progress? How can we still support that consuming more goods and working harder (so we can have a "fake' safe future) will lead to our prosperity?

None of the above is convincing our soul anymore as we feel it in all our parts of our selves. We feel more isolated than ever, more separated than ever.


Life itself is about belonging. Our Human DNA holds the remembrance that we are able to live in perfect harmony when we embody the divine love that created us, that created all life.

The secret of interconnection between species lies in the self-love and self-respect first and above all, so fear and isolation don't control our existence.

To reach a greater understanding of who we are and make conscious choices we need to repair our true belonging within and this can happen only by recognizing Nature as higher consciousness. 

What would happen if all the people all over the planet feel this disconnection and decide to leave the cities now, starting a new life, living in harmony with nature, working from their green home, forming supportive communities, connecting with the divine that is inside each one and all of us, recognizing each other's gifts, creating art, listening, giving, receiving, understanding our light and our shadow, together? 

Nature holds this immense power of helping us remember LOVE even in the form of thunder. Even in the form of an Earthquake. For we become humble for a millisecond, we step our of Ego and we remember in our cells, in our breath, in our senses, what the ancients knew:

Nature is our home. Nature grounds our being and belonging.  Nature brings us home to ourselves. Peace, Presence, Belonging, Creativity, Community, Solidarity are values of our innate wisdom that can be ignited in our collective consciousness when each one of us invests in cultivating a reconnection with Nature.

This is my dream, my dearest friends, to remember our sacredness of body, mind, and spirit, as a collective and to embody that being in Nature is already being in the divine presence. 

Oceans Love & Rivers of Light
Stay healthy, stay safe, stay kind