A tiny gem in the Small Cyclades islands with amazing blue-turquoise-emerald sandy beaches
Donousa island, Cyclades, Aegean Sea, Greece


Donousa island was named after Dionysus, the ancient Greek God of wine and euphoria. A tiny unspoiled gem of the small cyclades island group, Donousa is very small with about 150 permanent residents and 250 cats. It has a main road of 13 km that connects all the villages with the port. Ideal for hiking among the thick scent of wild Greek herbs which fill the air, the island has magnificent sandy beaches and turquoise crystal clear waters. 


Places of interest

  • Stavros the main village and the port of the island. There is also a beautiful sandy beach called Stavros with crystal clear waters. Remember to visit the picturesque Church of Stavros with the blue dome. 
  •  Mersini village and Livadi beach from a 20-minute path.
  • Kedros beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Donousa. 
  • Kalotaritisa beaches, three beaches in the homonym village that are protected from the winds.
  • Hike the 5 numbered hiking trails, beautiful paths and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding islands of Naxos, Amorgos, Iraklia, Schinoussa, and Keros. You will meet old settlements, abandoned mills, churches, and the rich fauna of Donousa.The shortest trail is only 1 km long and the longest one is 4,40 km.


Donousa island unspoiled beach
Donousa island panoramic view
Donousa island Church
Donousa island blue waters


Phisis is an eco-luxury small retreat center been built with stone, wood, and natural mortars based in lime and cocciopesto to give the best comfort. It is situated on Kalotarritissa, one of the most beautiful beaches of Donousa. 

The natural materials vibrate together with the energy of the bodies and allow the rooms to be fresh in summer warm in winter and absolutely dry for a truly relaxing and healthy stay.

Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat at Phisis Donoussa island Dinning Room
Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat at Phisis Donoussa island Yoga Shale
Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat at Phisis Donoussa island Master Suite
Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat at Phisis Donoussa island Cedar Tree
Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat at Phisis Donoussa island beach


Our Athenian home is a destination on its own! A new arrival in town, sophisticated, charming, and well hidden in a beautiful arcade, Inn-Athens opened its doors in 2015. Situated in the “heart” of Athens, just across the National Garden and  between Syntagma square and Plaka, the neighborhood of the gods, this neoclassical 100 years old building belonged to a renowned Greek noble family. Greek marble blended with steel give the hotel a “Greek chic” character which is also admired in each of the 20 rooms, each one unique with handpicked and tailor made elements. 

InnAthens Atrium
InnAthens Suite
InnAthens Breakfast