Waterfall Spirit

The Happiness Retreat - Waterfall Spirit / Seliana
An Invitation to Empower your Inner Light!
4 days - 3 nights

Would you like to celebrate the Full Moon and the Autumnal Equinox in a stunning waterfall plunging down from the sky? To purify and heal by creating a pilgrimage with all the ‘falling leaves ‘ (that don’t serve you anymore,) calling the Autumn in the abundant Forest? To re-discover your inner child singing with birds, air, scents, textures and sights around you?

Lets honor this amazing seasonal transition, kindling our inner light of wisdom and courage at The Happiness Retreat / Waterfall Spirit.

The Happiness Retreat - Apostolia Papadamaki - Waterfallsr, Peloponnese

And yes! We will nurture our bodies with Yoga and Impulse Dance at the beautiful natural-build Maloka but we will also take the time to align with the Waterfall Spirit that represents Yin and Yang and is considered the symbol of impermanence. We will open ourselves to the spiritual possibilities of fall, reconnecting with the seasons as we inhale the continuous water flow sound and exhale the whispering voice of the leaves. The great wisdom of nature will impart to us.


The Happiness Retreat - Waterfaall Wisdom - Moonrise in Regreen Seliana

The 250 years old stone built mansion combines tradition and elegance perfectly, offering spacious and pleasurable stay. Accommodation is shared in 5 spacious rooms, renovated and decorated with natural living principles and immense love. Each room is unique with its own flexible bedding arrangements (cocomat mattresses) and private bathrooms.


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During our time together

The Happiness Retreat - Spring Celebration Ritual - Yoga Practice

We will dance by the waterfalls,  set our intentions with sunrise meditation, chant for clarity in the fire ritual and plant new seeds physically and metaphorically. Stepping out of our comfort zone in faith for adventures and experiences that make us yearn for the unchartered in our life we will joyfully hike in pine forests, detox with Temazcal steam bath and nourish our body with fresh organic meals from the garden.


Join us if you are longing to

The Happiness Retreat - Apostolia Papadamaki - Waterfall Spirit in Regreen Seliana

Receive spiritual grounding.
Recognize and take in what supports and sustains us.
Use the waterfall to cleanse away your worries and the things you don’t serve you any more.
Be surrounded with the wealth of community, the abundance of nature, and the prosperity of fulfillment.
Receiving and give back through the seasonal turns.
Regenerate your energy.
Tune in with the rhythms of Nature.
Sing thankful songs and dance for all of creation and for life’s journey.
Connect with like minded people form around the world.


Meet your teacher

Apostolia Papadamaki, founder of the Happiness Retreat

Apostolia Papadamaki is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, a traveler, performer and teacher. An ongoing life learner, Apostolia studied Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Yoga and Alexander Technique in New York. A lover of movement, arts and spirituality, she also studied Shamanic practices, Music, Voice, Scuba Diving, Craniosacral Therapy and Rei-Ki collaborating with inspiring artists, musicians, and teachers in many lands. Endowed with profound spiritual insight and being thankful to life, Apostolia founded The Happiness Retreat to share her knowledge,experience and joy with other beautiful souls.

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Our Practices


The Happiness Retreat - Apostolia Papadamaki - Yoga Practice

In our Hatha Yoga practice - a unifying blend of Breath, Asanas, Anatomy & Meditation - we will focus on grounding the base (1st) chakra, deepen our knowledge for our pelvis, liberate the hip joints and enjoy standing strongly in our two feet. We will aim to root like the Trees and free our upper body to connect with the Sun.

ImPulse Dance

The Happiness Retreat - Apostolia Papadamaki - Impulse Dance Practice

We begin by grounding ourselves, in the safe space of a circle, shaking and pulsing to release tension, increase blood circulation and connect with the cosmic energy of the Earth. As we pulse in different levels, our breath expands into sound and our voice can be liberated. We enter a state of profound ancestral connection and our shaking movements awaken the sacredness of our body and manifest the power of its expression.

Sharing Circle

The Happiness Retreat - Waterfall Spirit - Sharing Circle Practice and Fire Ritual

We will sit in circle as a tribe, holding a safe and sacred space for one another. We will share our intentions for new beginnings and set the foundation for our soul to give us what we need at the present moment in time.

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The Happiness Retreat - Spring Celebration Ritual Nutrition

Our vegetarian nutrition will follow the philosophy of self-sufficiency and sustainability, with fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden of Re-green, cultivated with love and care. Simple Greek tastes will offer you pure, therapeutic and delicious meals. An experience to remember on Sunday afternoon- the garden –stone oven – Pizza Party with garnishes of your choice.




The Happiness Retreat - Apostolia Papadamaki practicing - Waterfall Spirit in Regreen Seliana



Thursday September 20.2018

12.00-15.00 / Arrivals & Lunch in Regreen
Registrations after lunch 
16.00 / Rest
18.30 / Sharing Circle & Impulse Dance 
20.00 / Flery & Christos founders of Regreen presentation
20.30 / Dinner
21.30 / at the hung out hub, share stories, laughter and chants.


Friday September 21. 2018

08.00 / Herbal tea & coffee
08.30 / Yoga
10.30 / Breakfast
11.30 / Connecting with the Waterfall - Hiking excursion + Herbal Plant Workshop with Flery
14.30 / Lunch
15.30 / Rest
18.30 / Impulse Dance 
20.30 / Dinner
21.30 / Fire Ritual celebrating the Autumnal Equinox

The Happiness Retreat - Waterfall Spirit - Sharing Circle Practice and Fire Ritual

Saturday September 22. 2018

08.00 / Herbal tea & coffee
08.30 / Yoga
10.30 / Breakfast
11.30 / Connecting with the Water - Hike to the Source, Impulse Dance outdoors, pick-nick (we take lunch with us)
16.30 / Temazcal Steam bath Ritual
18.00 / Rest
20.30 / Dinner & Sharing circle

Sunday September 23. 2018

08.00 / Herbal tea & coffee
08.30 / Yoga outdoors -Hike to Regreen Waterfall
10.30 Breakfast
12.00 - 13.30 Herbal Plants workshop with Flery
13.30 / Pizza party in the garden with home made –hand made Pizza (you can make your own)
15.00 / Closing Circle
15.30 - 17.00 / Departures from Regreen

All activities are optional, you can skip any activity and rest!

Included in the price

Shared accommodation for 3 nights in a eco luxury stone build guesthouse with coconut bedding

3 organic meals per day

All guidance/teachings from Apostolia

3 Yoga classes

3 Impulse Dance classes with live percussions

A 3 hours Herbal Plant workshop

Temazcal steam bath ritual

Fire Ritual

3 Hiking excursions 


Not included



Private sessions with Apostolia

Re-Green Eco-culture centre

Re-Green is an Eco culture centre surrounded by majestic mountains, rivers and waterfalls where ancient Greek Nymphs still preside their free spirit over the fountains. A 250 years old stone built mansion combines tradition and elegance perfectly, offering spacious and pleasurable stay. Accommodation is shared in spacious rooms, renovated and decorated with natural living principles and immense love.
Regreen, Seliana - Panoramic view
The Malloca / Practice Room
Regreen - Bedroom

493€ per person* / We offer shared accommodation in spacious and split level rooms of a natural built renovated guesthouse, inside the wilderness of the mountain, with the coziness of natural cocomat mattresses and private bathroom while our guests are here to open, learn and expand in nature.

* 24% vat tax is included

* There is a happiness discount for locals and Re-green Happiness Retreat repeaters (393€). Please contact us for further details.

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Contact us if you

The Happiness Retreat - Apostolia Papadamaki - Lake Regreen


If you want to extend your stay in Re-green.
Want to bring with you your child and/or members of your family.
If you are an international traveller and you need assistance on accommodation in Athens.

How to get there

The Happiness Retreat - Apostolia Papadamaki - Guesthouse by the lake Regreen Seliana

From Athens, Greece

Carpooling (if there are enough participant’s cars form Athens)
We will organize our transfer in the best and more convenient way for everybody, sharing the transportation expenses.

Public Transportation
From the Athens Airport take the Airport Express Bus X93 that leaves at
approx. every 20 minutes from the Airport and go to the Kifisos
Intercity Bus Station (1h trip). At Kifisos catch a bus to Akrata which leaves almost every half hour (2hr trip).

Registrations & Bookings

A non-refundable, 113€ deposit is required upon booking to reserve your place, by August 20th, 2018. Places are limited.