༄Sacred Sites and how to visit them༄

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༄ Let me tell you a story... 

My early childhood dream was to become an artist, a choreographer.
This dream occurred at the age of 5 when visiting with my parents the Temple of the Great Gods on Samothraki island, Greece. Since then i believe in the transformational energy of the sacred sites, since then I was telling everybody that when I grow up I will become an artist.

But how this could ever be possible when..I was coming from a low-class family with no artistic background, raised in a small city by the sea, with beautiful nature and ancient history but no dance school... so nobody could ever predict that I would fulfill my childhood dream to become a choreographer! I took my first dance class at the age of 21... (and all my friends were telling me there is no hope for me)

I  found the courage to audition in ballet and contemporary dance, to enter the State School of Dance of Greece, amongst 200 professional dance students when I only had 5 dance classes in my suitcase. There was a committee of 12 judges. Half of them thought I should enter as a special talent and half of them thought I shouldn't enter because I was lacking knowledge and technique. 

So they decided to interview me as I was a special case ...They asked me WHY do you want to become a choreographer? I answered: I saw it in my Dream when I was little, it is my life's purpose,  I love it so much and I believe through my art I can inspire other people to believe in their dreams.

It took me years to realize that I was blessed with a great gift - to believe in the power of ancestral connection, to believe in dreams, to be inspired by Myths, to trust that dreams can be manifested in this life.

It also took me years to appreciate my origins and my parents who didn't have the funds to support me in my studies but they would take me to nature and ancient Greek sites in every opportunity they had, where I would sit in awe in front of Temples, smile to statues who smiled back to me, knew how to find paths that I had never been before, observe the light beams through incredible architectural forms ..trusting, being open, receiving, feeling grateful to this abundant healing energy and wisdom that was reaching me. 

 I started keeping day and night dream journals in my early 20's and later on, evolving as a spiritual artist and transformational retreat leader, I had the privilege to create performances, workshops, and retreats in the most significant Ancient Greek Theaters, Temples and Power Sites developing the physical and mental practices that would make their transformational powers available.

Visiting a spiritual or energy site is not enough for us humans, to receive the healing or the answers we seek so here are some of my personal guidelines on how to approach and benefit from the sacred sites!

Sacred Sites and how to visit them


Find out about the myths and the history of the place and feel to which ones you connect with your heart.

 Meditate or travel with your imagination to that place, ask your self what you are longing to receive when you will actually be there? Why you are going? 

Write down any dream that you feel is relevant to your personal journey before visiting.


 Speak words of gratitude and ask for permission (mentally or verbally).

 Connect with your breath, open all your senses, listen to the sounds and observe what's close to you and what is in the far distance. Then feel the subtle energy that welcomes you in the sacred site.

Be mindful as you walk in the space, your body will tell you where you need to spend some more time, where to pray or manifest your questions/intentions.

Be observative but transparent at the same time so you can become an empty vessel ready to receive information ( its the exact opposite of being intrusive and loud by all means)

 Have some offerings with you, some seeds for the earth and the birds (only a few) or some drops of water or some drops of olive oil, your intention to offer with all your heart something in return matters the most...In case you can not or you are not allowed to give a tangible offering, offer your breath, your loving energy, a gesture, a song, a little dance.

 Find a spot that you feel it is your place to be and ask your question or speak an invocation, taking all the time that you need. Once you complete it, concentrate again in opening your senses and especially the hearing.


 ༄ Remember to thank truthfully all the living beings and elements on that place, even the ones that might have "disturbed" you.

 ༄ Thank your self for taking you there and all your ancestors. Thank the Spirit as you thank a loving being. Give your blessings to the place and the Earth. 

 Use your humor to do all the above. Remember that playfulness is an essential part of all the creation and that humor frees you from your ego trap.


 To amplify the benefits of visiting a sacred site, try to visit in the early morning or during sunset. The energy of the space is more clear, the light is beautiful and there are fewer people usually.

With Love and Light