༄ Prayer - Final Full Moon of the decade ༄

Decade's final full moon

My dearest friends!

Today as I was meditating in my favorite place,
the sacred hill of the Acropolis just around my home,
I felt I want to share with all of you my true presence and my prayers
for this wonderful (decade's final)
Full Moon tonight.

So instead of writing a text for you,
I created a video with my iPhone.

It is not the perfect quality but what matters to me
is my sincere intention to connect with you! 

You can see or just listen to it here (less than 4 min):

Last Full Moon of 2019 / video

In case you want to receive inspiration on how to pray
to the Full Moon tonight or/and the next 3 days
you can see the next video ( less than 2 min).

In case you DO pray,
remember to say a lot of THANK YOUs at the end.

Thank you, Moon, thank you universe,
thank you to the people you love,
to your friends,
to your self and also to the people and situations
that challenge you,
for they help you
to evolve and become the best version of You!

Here it is:

How to pray to the Full Moon video


Remember you are born a creative being.

Remember that you have infinite possibilities. 

Remember you are a beloved member of the soul family. 

Remember you are not alone. 

Remember to fall in love with you.

Oceans and Rivers of  Love.

༄ Apostolia ༄