༄ New Moon Ritual ༄

New Moon November 2019

My dearest friends!

I just felt I want to share with you the positive potency of this New Moon in Sagittarius rising tonight, marking the end of a quite emotional period of the past weeks!

All challenges are opportunities for us to grow as we prepare to welcome 2020,
longing for the personal development that will make us happier.
Remember it all lies within us.   

So let's create a small ritual (see below),
to invoke abundant love to come our way and
focus on manifesting transformation.

The purpose of this New Moon Ritual is to inspire you! 
I encourage you to be creative and perform it as your heart desires!



Sagittarius New Moon Ritual 2019

This ritual is best done from November 26- December 6, 2019

You will need:

10 min of your time
A peaceful place
A candle 
A bowl
2 papers and a pen



Sit comfortably with the candle in front of you.
Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
Observe the movement of your belly as you breathe.
If you feel the need to yawn or to sigh do it as many times as possible. 

Place your hands in your heart and feel the warmth of you touching you.
Caress your chest and speak to your self with words of Love and tenderness. 
Then lit up the candle and look at the flame while you continue to breathe mindfully. 

Take the first paper and the pen and write down
all the things you forgive your self for.
Everything that comes.
I forgive you my dear (your name) for being angry too...
I forgive you for missing the deadline,
I forgive you for your hard feelings towards a beloved one ....be specific!

Then read out loud what you wrote and burn the paper looking at it and releasing any emotions by breathing, moaning, yawning. 

Take the second paper and write down how you envision your self, what you want to evoke in your life in the coming period. Write in the present time. 


“I welcome in the health in my body, I welcome in the positive thinking. 
 I welcome my ability to forgive, to adapt, to renew.
I welcome peacefulness and relaxation.
I welcome new love in my life.
 I welcome a resolution in a problem.

Then read this again out loud in front of the candle and finish with the phrase,
I will do my best to be open and receive all the gifts that life will bring to me. 

Look at the candle for a while and then say your Thank you(s) full of gratitude
Be very creative with your thank you(s)!

Then you can let the candle burn out as an offering to the New Moon and keep the paper with your intentions in your altar or under your pillow for 21 days.

If you have the opportunity to look at the sky and see the moon do so! 
For me, the best time to perform this ritual and to actually see the moon is 05.00 am just before dawn. The mysticism of the night and the energy during that hour is very powerful!
But you can do it any time even during the day!

Oceans and Rivers of  Love.

༄ Apostolia ༄