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Sanctuary Of Cabeiri, Lemnos island , Greece / Anamnesis Performance As Above So Below


Apostolia is a multifaceted individual with a diverse range of talents and expertise. As an internationally acclaimed choreographer/director and Ancient Greek Wisdom Carrier, she is renowned for her creation of ceremonial site-specific performances known as Anamnesis. These participatory performances, presented in major archaeological sacred sites of Greece, serve as a profound call to the soul, urging individuals to remember their essence and connection to Humanity, Nature, and the Divine.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, she serves as a mindfulness and embodied spirituality mentor and is the founder of The Happiness Retreat.

Her creative work and teaching methods are deeply influenced by her extensive research on Ancient Greek Mythology, Rituals, Philosophy, Drama, and History, all interwoven with archetypical themes. Apostolia's productions have graced over 15 archaeological sites in Greece and have been showcased at numerous festivals worldwide.

Apostolia's educational background includes studies in Sports Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Dance at the State School of Dance of Greece. She furthered her education with a BA in choreography in New York, supported by scholarships from prestigious institutions like the Onassis Foundation and the Goulandris Foundation. Additionally, she has delved into well-being modalities such as Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, and Breathwork.

Driven by creativity, innovation, and a strong connection to her Ancient Greek Lineage, Apostolia has gained extensive experience in conceptualizing, choreographing, and directing large-scale artistic projects, corporate events, opera, and film productions.

Apostolia's leadership abilities and organizational acumen are evident in her roles as a visionary artist, polymath, and humanitarian. She has served on the Board of Directors at The Athens Concert Hall (2016-2019) and acted as the President of the Board of the State School of Dance (2004-2006). Moreover, she has spearheaded various EU Creative Europe programs, fostering collaborations with numerous European countries.

The Oracles of Water -site Specific Performance in Delphi, Greece


With over 15 years of experience, Apostolia has specialized in choreographing theater productions of Ancient Greek Tragedy, mastering the orchestration of Logos, Melos, and Orchesis (Word, Music, Movement).

Among her major artistic achievements are "Drops of Breath," the world's first underwater dance performance featuring both abled and disabled dancers,  and her direction of the opening ceremony of the 12th Paralympic Games at the Olympic Stadium of Athens, involving 600 professional and amateur dancers and broadcasted live worldwide.

Apostolia's creative portfolio extends beyond the realm of performance art to include numerous corporate and tailor-made events, films, and commercials. She has collaborated with esteemed organizations such as SNFCC, Onassis Stegi, the Ministry of Culture, GNTO, Sani Festival, The American College of Greece, Vodafone, Grecotel, Opel Hellas, PMI Greece (Papastratos), Amanzoe Hotel, Avion Films, and Stefi Films, among others.


Apostolia Papadamaki


Apostolia, a passionate enthusiast of movement, healing arts, and nature, embarked from a young age on a personal journey of transformation that led her to study a diverse array of disciplines. From Water Healing and Music to Voice, Physical Theater, AiKiDo, Scuba Diving, Craniosacral Therapy, Breathwork, and Rei-Ki, she immersed herself in various practices, collaborating with inspiring artists and teachers across different lands.

Since 2010, Apostolia has been weaving together her extensive expertise to create a powerful holistic wellness technology: The Happiness Retreat.Through workshops, training sessions, and retreats tailored for individuals, groups, companies, and organizations, she shares her knowledge and facilitates transformative experiences.

Drawing from her profound understanding of body-mind-soul modalities, The Happiness Retreat serves as a vessel for her to spread joy and wisdom, inviting others to embark on transformative journeys in Greece and beyond.

With over 20 years of dedicated study in embodied anatomy and human movement mechanics, Apostolia established Biomatic Anatomy. This holistic method integrates applied human anatomy exercises, mindful breathwork, and breath awareness. Her teachings extend across various modalities such as Spirit Contact Dance, Water Healing Movement, Yoga, Breath, and Meditation, enriching the lives of those who engage with her teachings.

Apostolia holds the belief that every individual is inherently perfect, regardless of age, and possesses the capacity to "remember" and find fulfillment through nurturing self-love, mindfulness, creativity, and a genuine connection with nature.

She has contributed a lot to the development of contemporary performance in her country serving as a :

President, Board of Directors at the State School of Dance (2004-06)
Artistic Director of Dimitria International Festival in Thessaloniki for dance (2013)
Member of the Board, Centre for Ancient Greek Drama (2004-16)
Member of the Board International Institute for Theatre – Greek Department (2006-08)
Member, Board of Directors at The Athens Concert Hall (2016-2019)

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