So much love, light, laughter, good vibes to share, thank you for all this !!

A wonderful, joyful positive week together with a beautiful tribe, experiencing nature, energies, tecniques of movement, group adaptation and adjustment ( Spirit Contact Dance), new fabulous food, new people, new spiritual practices. A joyful journey into ourself,  but also my body , mind, habits and reactions that normally go unobserved on "autopilot". 

I loved our Retreat program that offered so many amazing practices but also free time in a fantastic natural set up, suggestions,  individual invitations, spontaneous evolvments and creations!

Yoga : I liked especially the upper body and pelvis opening exercises as I could feel the effect of the stretching immediately in the next next repetition, one or two minutes after. That was very motivational for me. Gently stretching certain muscles and quickly repeating the same exercise and feeling the effect of the stretching, the new extension and free way. And another round.... Ever sooooooooo motivating !

Spirit Contact Dance class: I really loved it , especially the  harmonic interacting with the other participants and feeling new things evolving on the way each time.

Meditation: I enjoyed the travelling through and outside all universes, but entering the source of the creator was not so easy, but I managed!

Sharing Circle: Really loved the first singing/ sharing circle in the kitchen one evening, in the second sharing circle I felt there was not so much to be said or mentioned additionally as i was very moved from the dance performance we had just seen by Apostolia and Olivier, so much love, respect, perfect harmony, corresponding female and male energy, trust and supporting improvisation. It really touched me !!

Excursions, Experiences, Games, Songs:  I loved the rock excursion, also the one swimming to the cave, the boat excursion, the bathing in the devils eye, swimming and snorkling in Kato Koufonisi, Water Spirit Contact Dance, the clear and powerful elements of water, rocks, wind and air were so clear and pure for me I could really feel them ! 

Food was really fabulous, quality and quantity wise. Loved that there was always sth round to pick up if I got too hungry , fruits, a slice of bread, tea, so much variation and different recipes, salad, dessert, just wow. As a result I now feel much more what my body wants to eat, no meat, even more vegetables, root fruits, clean carbohydrates as bulgur, couscous, some fruits, bread, smaller quantity and even more water/ tea.

During the retreat, I felt free and strong, nothing threatening / challenging me in a negative way. So much love, light, laughter, good vibes to share, thank You for all this !!


Matthias, Norway