Medicine Festival

14th-19th August 2024, Berkshire, U.K.
Apostolia Papadamaki, Director /Choreographer, Ceremonial artist
Apostolia is directing and guiding a Collective Peace Ceremony and offering a talk on the Ancient Greek Mysteries.
Apostolia Papadamaki
5 days


Goddess Fir: Collective Peace Ceremony

With her wealth of experience in Anamnesis site-specific, ceremonial, and participatory performances, Apostolia directs and guides a collective prayer in the Goddess Fir. In this powerful co-creation with the audience, Apostolia unites multiple wisdom carriers and artists to ignite the "Carry Peace" theme of the Medicine Festival 2024, bringing together diverse traditions in a collective expression of love and unity.

With a critical mass of people consciously participating, she aims to create a collective conscious offering—a sacred space where all corners of the earth and all colors are represented. Participants from different directions converge at the sacred center, forming a circle of unity and connection.

Engaging in a multi-dimensional prayer for peace, incorporating the power of word, song, and movement, together, we can manifest positive change toward global peace, fostering a deep connection with each other and with the Earth.

This ceremony is more than just a gathering—it is a sacred act of co-creation, a living prayer that transcends individual boundaries and unites us in a shared vision of peace and harmony. Through our collective intention and action, we invoke the presence of the "Goddess" and invite her blessings to guide us on our journey toward a brighter future for all beings.


Sun Lodge: Death and Rebirth - A Talk and Embodied Practices on Ancient Greek Mysteries by Apostolia

At the heart of this talk lies the profound exploration of the Ancient Greek mysteries and the esoteric quest for enlightenment. We delve into the rich tapestry of ancient rituals, each one a testament to the encoded language of the Greeks, known as the Logos.

The Orphic, Eleusinian, and Cabeirian Mysteries serve as our guides, unveiling the concepts of gods, spirits, and a transcendent realm that lies beyond the limits of human perception. These sacred teachings were not merely rituals but profound initiations designed to awaken consciousness.

Their purpose was clear: to liberate humanity from the shackles of fear and mortality, to forge a deep connection with the soul, and to facilitate a spiritual rebirth into freedom and enlightenment.

As we journey through these ancient mysteries, we are invited to reflect on our own quest for meaning and understanding. Through embodied rituals and symbolic gestures, we unlock the hidden wisdom of the ancients, allowing us to transcend the limitations of the material world and connect with the divine essence within.


About the Medicine Festival

Medicine Festival is about interweaving communities and bridging cultures – wisdom keepers, Indigenous communities visionaries, artists, and solutionaries of all traditions to inspire and ignite a deeper understanding of how we can tread lightly, and live harmoniously as we support each other in the creation of the world we want to see – an equitable and thriving world.

Remember our birthright as a vital part of nature, living in sacred reciprocity- every breath – regenerating a world where all beings are honored in their sovereignty, loved in their difference, and seen as vital participants in this divine interplay of life. Our vision is a world where nature is cherished, peace is revered, and difference is celebrated; where humankind has reclaimed the gifts of gratitude, and guardianship for all life.

In the Medicine Festival of 2024, Apostolia will play a pivotal role in directing and guiding the Collective Peace Ceremony—a sacred gathering where people from all walks of life come together to pray for peace and harmony. As the facilitator of this ceremony, Apostolia will create a space for collective intention and unity, inviting participants to co-create a powerful expression of peace through word, song, and movement.

In addition to her role in the Collective Peace Ceremony, Apostolia will also lead a thought-provoking talk on Ancient Greek Mysteries. Drawing upon her deep knowledge and expertise in this area, she will illuminate the hidden wisdom of the ancients, exploring the profound mysteries of life, death, and spiritual rebirth as understood by the ancient Greeks.


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