Private Sessions

Private Sessions 

Embodied Spirituality & Healing


The Happiness Retreat - Online Sessions 1on1

with Apostolia

Value of an Individual Session 

A healing modality for a very deep personal work that will raise awareness about stored unexpressed emotions or traumas that lead to life patterns that make you unhappy, and unfulfilled. It is a full sensory body-mind-soul experience that will transform your “limitations” into infinite possibilities, harmonize body, mind, and soul, and allow you to embody your true loving nature. 


Apostolia’s Approach 

Apostolia is an embodied spirituality mentor an artist and an Ancient Greek Wisdom Keeper. She believes that our body is the temple of our soul and that we can access Remembrance of Who we are and what is our purpose in this life, so we can walk on the path of devotion, creativity, and happiness. The Ancient Greeks were calling it Eudaimonia. 

When you meet with her, first she will listen to what you want to work on and prioritize where to start from, so you can clarify your deepest desires. Apostolia has a powerful way to see and read your energy and work on limited beliefs, ancestral trauma, and blocked streams. 

Every emotion has an imprint on the body and every physical pain has an emotional story behind it.  So, healing starts through intensive breathing and myofascial release so your body can enter deep states of relaxation and awareness, which then can release mental and emotional tension, and open the doorways for a personal, transformative experience.

Apostolia will teach you how to create a loving and respectful relationship with you so you can liberate the negative, prejudicial, and repressed ways of behavior and achieve positive shifts in your everyday life. 

This is why you have each other, to guide, to overcome, to clear, to let go, to empower, and to reconnect and recharge with a new vital and potent life force.

Some of the issues usually dealt with are Self Love, Forgiveness, Confidence, Authenticity, Relationships, Ancestral Lineage Burdens, Utilizing our talents, Belonging, Unburdening of old emotions, and Energizing body and mind. 

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Individual Session Fee*: 

1 single private session 60' / 140€

1 single private session 90' / 190€


Packages that include tailor-made audio or videos and follow-up support via email or WhatsApp.


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4 sessions package / 60' each session. Cost 500€ 


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8 sessions package /  60' each session Cost 950€ 




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4 sessions package / 90' each session. Cost 700€ 


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8 sessions package / 90' each session. Cost 1400€ 



We offer a 30' free online session with Apostolia so you can meet each other and feel if this program is for you. 

You can book your free introductory session by sending us an email at


*All online individual sessions are held on Zoom or physically. Fees include a 24% VAT tax.


What do you get 

Beyond personal awareness and growth you will enjoy permanent and positive shifts in the quality of your life:

༄  Joy, release, freedom, and renewed energy and strength

༄  The confidence and passion you bring to life

༄  The depth and authenticity of your relationships

༄  To utilize your talents and abilities more constructively

༄  To recognize the positive change you create in the world

Results are immediate, tangible & sustainable:

༄  Feeling more alive in the body, and allowing this aliveness spontaneous expression​

༄  An unburdening of old emotional baggage, leading to a feeling of lightness​

༄  Freer and more pleasurable sexuality and sensuality​

༄  More love, joy, trust, and laughter​

༄  Expanded capacity to feel and express emotions​

༄  A more relaxed and vivid body



English or Greek 


How to book your session(s)

Please send us an email at