Colibri Spirit Festival 2024

4th-9th August 2024, Corfu island, Greece
Apostolia Papadamaki, Director, Choreographer, Embodied Spirituality Mentor,
Artemis / Embodied & Performative Ritual
Apostolia Papadamaki
5 days

In the mystical setting of the Colibri festival, Apostolia will orchestrate a performative ritual—an invocation to the Ancient Greek Goddess Artemis. This sacred ceremony will serve as a profound remembrance of ancient wisdom and cultural heritage, inviting participants to experience a visceral connection with the divine feminine.

Through sacred embodied work with Greek myths and mysticism, participants will engage in archetypal Movement (Kinesis), Sound (Ekhos), and Word (Logos), co-creating a prayer for the land and future generations. Everyone is welcome to participate, contributing their energy and intention to the collective expression of reverence and respect.

Artemis, as an Earth Mother Goddess, embodies the essence of protection, nurturing, and reverence for nature. From her role as the protector of pregnant women and infants to her guardianship of wild animals and nature itself, Artemis symbolizes the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of living in harmony with the Earth.

The island of Corfu, with its ancient temple dedicated to Artemis and the mythical presence of the Medusa, serves as a potent embodiment of Artemis's energies. In this sacred space, we come together to ground the remembrance of the sacred ways of the Ancient Greek Spirit, creating a unified field of grace and beauty that reverberates through the land and beyond.

Together, let us honor Artemis and the ancient wisdom she represents, weaving a tapestry of reverence and connection that transcends time and space. In the embrace of her guiding light, may we find unity, healing, and transformation for ourselves and the generations to come.


About Colibri Spirit Festival

Colibri Spirit Festival is a fusion of the highest integrity world medicine music, mantra, electronic music, and ancestral sound transmissions with Yoga & Movement, Dance, Wisdom Talks, Meditation, Workshops, Soulful Ceremonies, and Healers – all weaved into one heart-opening portal. We invite you to join us in this transformative journey, as we work together to reshape our world and awaken the possibilities of a new earth.


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