Song Of The Dancing Heart

Apostolia Papadamaki Song of the dancing heart photo by Sea Eymere
Unleash your wild creative spirit enamored with Nature
Apostolia Papadamaki
Maria Papageorgiou
3 days - 2 nights

Information in Greek

Join our Spring gathering designed especially for Women, amidst lust green nature and waterfalls, to enter a space of true freedom and creativity, allowing the Spirit to breathe, dance and sing playfully through you! 

We will share with you abundant tools on how to be free from your negative self -censorship (or judgments in other words!)  Together we will peel off our conditioning and celebrate our authenticity working with our body as a portal to true belonging. 

Through a unique blend of movement, breath, rhythm, pulse, sentient motion, sound, and voice practices, you will be empowered  to unleash your creativity, love to be seen and express your self in front of others (If it sounds challenging,  you have a good reason to come!)

And of course, you will nourish your body with organic homemade meals and your heart with fire ritual, steam bath, spring flowers, being held by a loving community.

If you are longing to trust your own soul’s power and connect with like-minded women you are invited! 

Apostolia Papadamaki
The Happiness Retreat Founder & transformational teacher

Maria Papageorgiou 
Singer, musician & vocal teacher


The Happiness Retreat Spirit Contact Dance Apostolia Papadamaki founder dancing with the Tree photo Sea Eymere


The Happiness Retreat Spirit contact Dance in the Forrest Waterfalls Apostolia Papadamaki


This retreat is a true gift for:


Every woman who wants to tap into her primal source of power evoking creativity, self-love, sensuality, bliss, and be happy to share her gifts with the world.

Every female artist, singer, actress, dancer, musician, that have a burning desire to enrich her expressive potential, combine multiple means of expression, explore further possibilities in her art.

A Teacher and/or healer of any discipline that seeks for a unique opportunity to be inspired, to gain deep personal insights and to anchor her authentic wisdom.


Join us if you long to:


Awaken your wilderness

Align with the rhythms and the elements of nature

Remember your birthright to be a free creative woman

Transform your “limitations” to infinite possibilities.

Sing and Dance your Heart Song!

Be held by and belong to an inspiring circle of women.

Have a really good time doing all the above!





Meet your teachers

Apostolia Papadamaki, founder of the Happiness Retreat


I am Apostolia, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, performer, and a transformational retreat leader and teacher.  I studied Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Yoga and Alexander Technique in New York. As a lover of healing arts, and spirituality, I am trained in Shamanism, Music, Voice, Diving, Craniosacral Therapy, and Rei-Ki collaborating with inspiring artists, healers, and teachers in many lands.

After 25 years of being a spiritual artist and a life changing teacher, I am honored to share with you the way to freedom, self-love, and creativity inviting Maria as a guest teacher to uplift the experience of vibrational movement and voice.

My highest intention is to keep opening the eyes of the soul and tuning into the frequency of Love no matter how life challenges me. The Happiness Retreat is an open-hearted invitation to share knowledge, experience, and joy with beautiful souls like you!


Learn more about Apostolia's journey


Maria Papageorgiou singer and voice teacher

"Every minute of working with Apostolia is a vital reminder of who I am, how I approach my center, and how I accept the divine gifts of my being."

Maria Papageorgiou

Maria Papageorgiou Vocal Teacher The Happiness Retreat

I am Maria and I navigate through life with music. I sing, I compose songs and I love to teach people how to discover their own authentic voice. Although I am a very shy person, I transform when I go on stage, which is the most magical thing in the world and the way I do it is by connecting to my innermost instinct as a tool to harmonize my body, my vocal cords and my emotions.

The voice for me is a mystical vibration through the spaces of our body and an amazing tool to connect with our deepest self expressing freely our emotions.

Up to now, I have released 6 personal albums, based on originally composed songs, unreleased live recordings, a collectible vinyl entitled “3 Degrees” writing my own lyrics and compositions and ”Correspondence”, my most recent work, collaborating with famous Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis. 

I have been collaborating with Apostolia for many years now and I can't wait to share our "alchemy" with you!

Here is one of my songs!


Our Practices

We are dancing creatures, we are singing creatures we are creative beings. We have a wild flame of life force inside of us and the ability to connect with the highest frequency of all, Love!

Movement Sessions

Unleash your creative potential with dance and voice

Our sessions in the beautiful Malloca or in Nature include

Loving the breath

Movement of the Senses - Freeing the body

Voice Warming Up and Vocal Exercises - Freeing the Voice

Authentic Movement and Voice Improvisation

Connecting Movement and Voice with Fire, Water, Earth and Wind 

Teaching Songs - What Words Mean to Us and How We Emotionally Connect With Them

If the song was a Dance

Circle Improvisation - How we embody creativity as a tribe 

Connecting with the element of Fire The Happiness Retreat

Movement, breath, rhythm, pulse, sentient motion, sound, and voice practices will create a heartfelt space where mind forms and borders are not leaders anymore, where freedom of expression is unconditional.

We will guide you on how to be happy to be seen, to be heard and to be free to express your self through voice and movement, harmonizing body, mind, and soul so you can embody your true loving nature.

Our circle will support you to be ridiculously creative, to express your self in ways you can never imagine, to find the courage to “fail” and create again and again and again until you are happy and free because you will feel this amazing trust to the beautiful unknown you! 


The Happiness Retreat Regreen Nutrition

The Happiness Retreat - Spring Celebration Ritual Nutrition

Our vegetarian nutrition will follow the philosophy of self-sufficiency and sustainability, with fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden of Re-green, cultivated with love and care. Simple Greek tastes will offer you pure, therapeutic and delicious meals. An experience to remember on Sunday afternoon- the garden –stone oven – Pizza Party with garnishes of your choice.



Shared accommodation: 393 per person all-inclusive.

Early bird price until February 24th, 2020: 343 per person all-inclusive.

Registrations & Bookings

A non-refundable, 113 euro deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot. Places are limited.




Included in the price

Shared accommodation for 2 nights in an eco-luxury stone build guesthouse with coconut bedding

3 organic meals per day with homegrown ingredients

4 Authentic Movement + Voice Sessions ( 15h of teachings)

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Sun and Moon Creative Circle Sessions

Temazcal steam bath ritual


Hiking excursions to Waterfalls, Forrest & Blossoming fields


Not included

Transportation to and from Re-Green


Re-Green Eco-culture centre

Re-Green is an Eco culture centre surrounded by majestic mountains, rivers and waterfalls where ancient Greek Nymphs still preside their free spirit over the fountains. A 250 years old stone built mansion combines tradition and elegance perfectly, offering spacious and pleasurable stay. Accommodation is shared in spacious rooms, renovated and decorated with natural living principles and immense love.
Regreen, Seliana - Panoramic view
The Malloca / Practice Room
Regreen - Bedroom


Friday 27.3.2020

12.00-14.00 / Arrivals in Regreen
14.00 Lunch /  Registrations  
15.00 / Free time
17.00 / Session I

20.00 / Dinner
21.00 / Fire Circle Session / Dance + Song 


Saturday  28.3.2020

08.00 / Breakfast
10.00 / Session II
12.00 /
Water Circle Session / Movement + Voice
13.30 / Lunch
16.00 / Earth Circle Session + Temazcal

18.00 / Session III
20.00 / Dinner

21.00 / Moon Session 


Sunday 29.3.2020

08.00 / Breakfast 
10.00 / Session IV
12.00 / Wind Session / Movement + Voice
13.30 / Lunch Celebration with homemade –hand made Pizza 

16.00 / Departure from Regreen


Apostolia Papadamaki in Regreen TRansformational teacher


How to get there

From Athens, Greece

We will organize our transfer in the best and more convenient way for everybody, sharing transportation expenses. Carpooling with participants that travel from Athens. (if there is space!)

Public Transportation
From Athens Airport take the Airport Express Bus X93 that leaves at
approx. every 20 minutes from the Airport and go to the Kifisos
Intercity Bus Station (1h trip).

At Kifisos catch a bus to Akrata which leaves almost every half hour (2hr trip).

The Regreen team will pick you up from Akrata Village and take you to Regreen (30min drive) at a small cost.