Blue Bliss

The Happiness Retreat - Blue Bliss, Koufonisi
A journey to the core of your being.
8 days - 7 nights

I invite you in a "paradise on earth" greek island, in an ecoluxury villa, to join a warm hearted transformative journey and let happiness in. We will learn, enjoy, and discover the miracle of our own self.

I will playfully share with you the secrets of my own pathway, empowering you to discover your inner beauty. We will practice Yoga, boost our creativity with Impulse Dance, become one with the sea with Floating Body and enjoy fresh homemade vegan food. 

If this call excites your spirit, join our Blue Bliss Retreat, a life time experience of abundant love and happiness.

Apostolia Papadamaki
The Happiness Retreat Founder & Teacher


The Happiness Retreat | Blue Bliss - Apostolia Papadamaki


Embarking on the Blue Bliss Happiness Journey:


You will refresh, recharge and restart in the blissful Greek island of Koufonisi.


The Happiness Retreat | Blue Bliss - Pori beach in Koufonissi

Ano Koufonisi is an enchanting remote island with the finest emerald turquoise waters of the Aegean. The perfect place to reset your clock, Koufonisi can be circled by foot in half a day on the blissfully endless coastal path. This peacefulness along with the white sugar cubed Cycladic houses, ascending from artists’ palettes, will recharge you, providing the perfect scenery for relaxation, sunbathing, swimming, star gazing. Our Happiness home is located on Pori beach, the highlight of the island, with satin white sand beaches, emblematic large caves and dazzling turquoise waters. From Pori you will walk along sun-kissed trails and discover plenty of dreamy spots.


You will rejuvenate your body and connect with your soul.


The Happiness Retreat - Yoga Practice in Koufonisi

Our Hatha Vinyasa Yoga practice, in conjunction with the principles of Biomatic Anatomy will bring harmony to your body, mind and emotional state. Apostolia is transmitting her knowledge gracefully through her heart, voice and hands. Her Yoga class, a unifying blend of Pranayama, Asanas, Mantras and Meditation is a powerful tool for self-transformation. 

ImPulse Dance

The Happiness Retreat - Impulse Dance

Everything in nature is Pulse! Through simple movement rituals we connect with our deeper self and relax the mind. We learn how to follow our inner «impulses» with the innocence of a child and transform them into dances.  Music and rhythm indulges our body to overcome all restrictions and become free to express fear, happiness, passion, hope and many more as we reach a euphoric state of being.

Floating Body

The Happiness Retreat - Floating Body

The Floating Body practice will enable you to embody the art of true belonging and trust oneness in the fluidity of the sea. We all come from the womb of our mother and we have experienced “floating”. Water is conductive so it can help us remember our true nature,it can facilitate a rebirth experience. In Floating Body, the absence of gravity releases our vertebrae and allows our spine to move in ways that are not possible on the land.

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You will be gracefully guided by a very inspiring and charismatic teacher.


The Happiness Retreat Founder and Teacher - Apostolia Papadamaki

Apostolia Papadamaki is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, a traveler, performer and teacher. An ongoing life learner, Apostolia studied Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Yoga and Alexander Technique in New York. A lover of movement, arts and spirituality, she also studied Shamanic practices, Music, Voice, Scuba Diving, Craniosacral Therapy and Rei-Ki collaborating with inspiring artists, musicians, and teachers in many lands. Endowed with profound spiritual insight and being thankful to life, Apostolia founded The Happiness Retreat to share her knowledge,experience and joy with other beautiful souls.

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You will indulge your palate with mouthwatering dishes prepared with love.


The Happiness Retreat - Blue Bliss Masterchef Esco


Our master chef, invites you in a culinary feast! Esco, carefully selects local organic products for their healing qualities and prepares three fresh vegan meals per day. Breakfast and dinner are served in a buffet style while lunch can be carried out at the beach. Esco will captivate your senses, will share with you his recipes and will inspire you to continue a healthy lifestyle after the retreat.


You will plug into your essential source of life energy in a spectacular set up.


The Happiness Retreat - Sunset in Blue Bliss Koufonissi

You will wake up every morning to the sound of the sea, the healing softness of the sun, breathing the Aegean air, grounding your self on an island where time stands still. Sunset Rituals in secluded beaches, Sunrise Meditations in breathtaking rock formations and Mindful walks in unspoiled hikes,  will support our practice while the gentle sounds of the waves embrace us unconditionally.


You will have plenty of time to unwind and pamper yourself.


The Happiness Retreat - Caves in Koufonisi, Cyclades

You may sleep, relax, practice, enjoy a Thai massage or a private class with Apostolia or just swim in most turquoise waters, take long walks, read, disconnect from technology, but above all, follow your heart and do whatever makes you happy and free.


You will trust oneness in the safe place of the Sharing Circle.


Everybody joining The Happiness Circle

We will sit in circle as a tribe, holding a safe and sacred space for one another, sharing our intentions of what we are looking to gain during our Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat. By setting intentions we set the foundation for our soul to give us what we need at the present moment in time and connect with like-minded people, from all over the world.



The Happiness Retreat - Blue Bliss - Greek Islands

“The days at the retreat were perfect. Bliss after bliss. Morning yoga, nice balance of challenge and gentleness, at the lovely yoga shala." - Hanna

"A deeply transformational Retreat offered me healing, insights, abundant inspiration and empowerment." - Virginie

"Thank you again, Apostolia! Still our thoughts and hearts are often there, in our Blue Bliss Happiness Retreat, where we spent such a beautiful time, full of joy and laughing, dancing and swimming!" - Lis & Costas

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You will deeply rest in our exclusive villas, just a breath walk from the beach.

What is included 

8 days / 7 nights of stay 
3 delicious fresh vegan meals per day 
5 classes Yoga & Biomatic Anatomy 
3 classes of imPulse Dance
2 classes of Floating Body 
Boat excursion - Free day
Sunrise Beach Meditations
Welcome early Dinner - Farewell breakfast
Outdoor Jacuzzi
Transportation from and to Ano Koufonisi Port to Koufonisi Villas
Hikes & Experiences in nature with Apostolia 
Mindfulness living all day long 
Playful games (surprise for those that wish!)

Participation in classes and activities is optional throughout the retreat.
All levels welcome!
All meals are vegetarian, special dietary restrictions can be accommodated. (e.g. gluten free)

What you need to add

Your flights to Athens, Mykonos, Santorini or Naxos

Your Ferry tickets to Koufonisi island

Your travel insurance

Optional activities 

Private class with Apostolia
Thai massage
Cooking class with Esco
Bicycle rental

The Blue Bliss Itinerary

The Happiness Retreat | Blue Bliss - Boat ride in Koufonissi


Saturday July 7 / Arrival Sharing Circle & Welcome Dinner at 19.00

Sunday July 8 / Morning Yoga & sunset Impulse Dance

Monday July 9 / Morning Yoga & afternoon Floating Body

Tuesday July 10 / Boat excursion to Kato Koufonisi,
easy hike to a remote beach and surprise experiences on this amazing uninhabited island.

Wednesday July 11 / Morning Yoga & sunset Impulse Dance

Thursday July 12 / Morning Yoga & afternoon Floating Body Sunset Hike to close by beaches.

Friday July 13 / Sunrise Meditation & Yoga on the Sea Caves Closing Circle & Impulse Dance Party

Saturday July 14 / Morning Swim & Farewell Breakfast Departure after 12.00


Timetable (Sample day)

07.30 Tea
08.00 Yoga & Biomatic Anatomy
10.30 Breakfast
11.00 Free time for the beach /massage /excursions /experiences 
You can take lunch with you or eat at the Villas
18.30 Impulse Dance
20.30 Dinner


The Happiness Retreat | Blue Bliss - Caves in Koufonissi



Koufonisi Villas

Located in the tranquil spot of the gorgeous Pori beach, our exclusive sanctuary invites you to experience the most profound and enjoyable retreat of your life. Two newly build, neighbouring eco-luxury Villas, typical of the islands unique architecture, will welcome you with state-of-the-art services.
the happiness retreat koufonisi villas
Koufonisi Villas - Dinning table
Koufonisi Villas - Bedroom

Double Occupancy: From 1.069€ to 1.469€ per person all inclusive.
Single Occupancy: From 1.469€ to 1.969€ per person all inclusive.

Learn more about

 Accommodation options & prices


How to get there

Direct international flight to Athens or Santorini island, Greece.

From the Athens International Airport, you can take a metro or taxi to Piraeus port. The fast ferry to Koufonisi island departs daily at 07.10 am and the trip takes 4.5 hours. We can assist you with purchasing the tickets and also finding accommodation in Athens the night before.

From Santorini island there is a fast ferry to Koufonisi island (1.5 hours) that leaves Santorini port at 12.45 pm.Transportation from Ano Koufonisi Port to our Villas will be provided.

Another option is to fly to Athens, then fly to Naxos island and take the local boat (Skopelitis) at 14.00 pm. It takes 2.30h to arrive in Koufonisi island.


Fill in the form and we will send you detailed pricing options and some additional information. We will be most happy to answer all questions you may have and may even schedule a Skype session so to meet each other and discuss all about the Blue Bliss retreat!


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