The Happiness Retreat concept

The Happiness Retreat is an invitation into a powerful life transformation. An open-hearted and truthful experience through Yoga, Dance, Mindfulness & Rituals in the blessed ancient land of Greece. Envisioned by its founder Apostolia Papadamaki, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, performance artist, spiritual thinker & teacher, THR promises a holistic life experience. Awakens the senses in breathtaking locations, offers bespoke accommodation, nourishes with healthy Greek dishes mindfully prepared with seasonal and organic ingredients. But most of all open up the space for bliss with its heartfelt practices: a harmonious blend of Yoga, Dance, Singing, Sharing Circles and Rituals in Nature that expand the conscious self and integrate spirituality. Being thankful to her course of life, Apostolia is sharing generously her insightful guidance, empathy and personal attention to all the beautiful souls that are joining our small numbered retreats as well as our tailor-made corporate yoga and wellness retreats.

We design our itineraries with abundant inspiration and playfulness in off the beaten track and off-the-mat destinations in Greece, the land of philosophers, myths, magnificent monuments, natural wonders, and profound energy places. Our participants are mesmerized by the local life and culture as they blend in with local artists and inhabitants and learn stories about our cultural heritage. Our meticulously woven travel journeys rejuvenate the physical body, elevate the spirit and reveal the stem of all humans emotions: Happiness!