The queen of Cyclades, Mykonos is an island with a bohemian soul. A whitewashed paradise, this dream-worthy destination is gifted with exceptional beaches, elegant villas, a cosmopolitan aura, windmills, mystical rocks, wild beauty, world famous sunsets and above all the iridescent - Aegean light.

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Just a breath away from Mykonos stands the uninhabited Delos, one of the most sunlit islands of the Aegean sea, imposing the splendor of the Greek spirit. A Unesco world heritage site, the birthplace of the twin deities God Apollo, the god of light, and Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, Delos, has the mysterious capacity to awaken and catalyze within you the qualities of compassion, wisdom, unification of the male and female, self-healing and spiritual attunement.

The universal harmonics of the numberless Ancient monuments, reveal the glory of the island that represented a spiritual and cultural center for the ancient world, invite you to recharge your physical body and fine-tune your energy field. The Temples of Apollo, Dionysus, and Isis, the sanctuary of Artemis, the Sacred Lake, the House of Cleopatra, the  "Lion Rue" with its nine marmoreal lions will become our meditation and intention setting "hotspots". 


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The Happiness Retreat Delos island of the Gods Apollo Light



Fanari Complex Villas & Suites

Located in an idyllic area of the Northwest coast of Mykonos, our happiness nest offers stunning views of the Aegean sea. It is tucked away in a serene, secluded paradise of breathtaking scenery near the interesting and mysterious Cyclades lighthouse, on the cape of Armenistis. 

The Happiness Retreat - Villa Fanari / pool
The Happiness Retreat - Villa Fanari / bedroom
The Happiness Retreat - Villa Fanari / common spaces
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