Tune into the frequency of LOVE

apostolia papadamaki meditation

Sometimes I feel this emptiness inside me. It’s like I have a great lack of something and this feeling of vacuum inside is very strong. I long and search for something that will make me feel less alone, less vacant. The desire to understand me and to understand life is profound. But very often I am trapped in my mind “set” instead of vibrating in the frequency of Love. I choose to connect.

I start with my body.

This body, the miraculous one, who has brought me to who I am today, this beautiful, difficult or easy day. I Dance, I Sing. I connect with the elements I'm made of: the Water, the Earth, the Sun, the Stars, my Ancestors, and my Descendants. I look at the Light and I take a deep Breath. This one and miraculous Breath that brings me in the present moment. It is enough to make me feel I am celebrating life.

I understand that every human has pain inside and it is not just me. That everyone is afraid and everyone gets angry. Everyone feels this “vacuum” and they all want to Love. To be loved is directly connected with “to love” by the sense of being Love.

Learning to live in the vibration of love is the reason we are here. It is our individual (sole) and collective purpose. It is the secret of life that is hidden with a clear view. Love is the elixir for joy and antidote to pain. Love strengthens the fire of our passion. Our love elevates our limitations to our abilities. Love exceeds time and space. Love converts differences and prejudices. Love Heals.

Love is the vibration of the Spirit, the song of the Universe.

Opening the curtain to let Love in for Christmas and New Year.

With Love and Light always.